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1. I repainted my nails, in a starscape kind of pattern. I followed [ profile] aminita's advice of using acrylic paints and covering the design with clear nail polish. The one problem: my clear nail polish has thickened too much over the years and needs to be replaced. So the design is probably not going to last the day. Still, learning experience and it was fun to do.
2. I type a great deal on my phone, which means a lot of time spent looking at my thumbs. Having a pretty design on them is nice.
3. ZOMG flying to Seattle tonight going to see [ profile] terrycloth yay! It's been ages. I need to see if any of my other Seattle-area friends want to see me while I'm out there.
4. I have finally figured out how to play Puerto Rico without losing horribly. Not that I am great at the game, but I am no longer actively incompetent. :)
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1. Boggle the Owl, advice for depressed people from an adorable cartoon owl.
2. Writing, because it is pretty much the best thing ever. I don't mean "that I write", I mean that text in general exists as a medium of communication and information storage. It is awesome.
3. 14 mile bike ride after work wooooo!
4. It's Friday so I can just go to bed an sleep after my bike ride. z_z
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1. Prog metal.
2. Having an income that exceeds my outgo.
3. Plushies. Many years ago, I bought a six-legged smiling plush crab, while out shopping with [ profile] aminita. Despite being a crab missing two legs, it is a very cheerful plushie. For a long time, I had him at work, as my "If I don't have to be crabby, neither do you" reminder. Then one of Toddler Bank's directors exiled all personal items from our cubicals and offices (seriously? Seriously) and he went home. Recently I realized that this was another of the stupid rules I was following even though it no longer applied. So now Happy Crab is back on my desk at work. Smiling at me.

*smiles back*
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1. FRIDAY. I am sure I have used this one before. It is still a good thing.
2. This has been an unusually good week for writing -- I am actually up on buffer since Monday, and I still have the weekend to write in (and I've been doing more writing on weekends than during the week, in general).
3. I've been making extra half-size portions of the mug-cake recipe, pouring them into microwave-safe plastic containers, and then taking them to work to nuke there. So I can have fresh hot cake at work. :9
4. To offset 3, I actually exercised in my basement tonight, doing both the 8-minute routine (which I have been neglecting for weeks) and using my exercise bike (also neglected, though I've been biking outside when the weather is nice. Which it is not tonight. Cold and rainy.)
5. I walked to and from work today for the first time since I injured my leg last Tuesday. My calf is still swollen and bruised but it hardly hurts when I walk any more, so that went fine. Yay!
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1. It's Friday! And a short day for me, too, so I'm heading home in just 5 hours.
2. My leg is doing better today -- still sore and I'm still limping, but I can walk much closer to normally now. I'm hoping to be fit to walk to work again by Monday.
3. I finished one of the scenes I'd been malingering over in my book and am closing in on ones that I've really been looking forward to writing.
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1. Caffeine-free Diet Coke. I don't care what anyone else says about your phosphoric acid content, baby, you're still the beverage for me.
2. Snail mail from [ profile] sandratayler. ♥
3. Long emails from [ profile] alinsa
4. Going to visit [ profile] telnar next month, because we got plane tickets five months ago so inertia would be on our side for a change.
5. Lut and I watched "Breakfast at Tiffany's" on Tuesday night, which was fun and light-hearted and well-performed, if marred by some of the worse aspects of the time during which it was filmed. (ZOMG hideous stereotype of a Japanese man played by a white actor in yellowface AAAH D: )
6. I wrote up a character concept that I like for a tabletop RPG the Sunday gaming group wants to start.
7. Got to posting one of the scenes in my story that I've been looking forward to sharing for a while.
8. Matthew Ebel's music.
9. [ profile] bard_bloom
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1. Lut and I played "Clash of Cultures" on Saturday, about which I said, "This is a decent board game, but it really makes me want to go home and play CivV again. On Sunday, at Lut's suggestion, the two of us did just that. He defaulted to "Prince" without realizing that's a level or two easier than our usual, but I didn't care. It's been a lovely relaxing game where Lut and I are mostly cooperating (not technically a team game, but we try to warn each other about the wonders we're working on and keeping up research agreements and suchlike.) I am looking forward to finishing the game! Regardless of who wins.
2. After being uncertain for two days about the scene I was working on in "A Rational Arrangement", I decided to skip past it instead and now I am back to writing away merrily on the subsequent scenes.
3. Alinsa sent me not just a letter in reply to one of mine, but PRESENTS! ♥
4.Another couple of friends told me they'd enjoyed my letters. I feel like the Month of Letters is still paying dividends. :)
5. Daylight Savings Time means I don't have to worry about it being too dark to exercise after work. ("Too cold" is still a potential issue, though).
6. The eclairs we got from Perkins are messily delicious.

Good things

Mar. 8th, 2013 10:11 am
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1. Lut came with me to Tabletop last night, so we could borrow Fred's copy of Trajan and play with a couple of people from Tabletop instead of making Fred play. (Lut and I like Trajan more than Fred does, and Fred prefers to keep playing new games anyway.)
2. It is delightfully easy to snag people willing to learn new boardgames at the Tabletop boardgame nights. I grabbed two people to join us as they walked in the door (Steve and Josh) and they were as happy to be invited as we were to have them.
3. It's Friday!
4. Lut made dinner last night with yummy steamed veggies and rice, so I had a healthy dinner and have a healthy lunch for today.
5.[Company name redacted] is not my problem at work any more. They haven't been for 9 months, mind, but I was reminded this morning of how glad I am to have them be somebody else's problem.
6. It should be warm enough to exercise outside at least once this weekend. yay!

Good things

Mar. 6th, 2013 07:12 pm
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I haven't done this for a while so I'm just going to do an arbitrary number of them.

1. I got the most adorable card from LadyPeregrine in the mail. ♥
2. Terry and I went back to Alderaan in SW:tOR to do the bonus series, and I'm glad because Alderaan is the prettiest planet. At one point I stopped on one of the bridges and just looked out at the snow-capped mountains and the fir trees and the river for a few moments. Pity Darth Vader blows it all up, really.
3. I am still all excited about writing my current story, to the point of wanting to get up in the morning so I can go write. To the point of "I don't want to make this list because it's time I could be writing fiction".
4. I caught one of Tod's art streams and now I want to draw adorable cartoon animals.
5. Tuftears and Terrycloth. ♥
6. The Month of Letters is over but I'm still writing letters (not everyday). Because it's fun!
7. Lots or boardgaming with Lut, Fred and Sev on Saturday! Including Seven Wonders (one of my favorite games) and Shipyard and three new games I don't remember because I didn't write their names down at the time. Oops.
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I haven't done this lately, but that's no reason not to do it today.

1. I finished out the Month of Letters with my last letter written yesterday! Although I might send some more letters just 'cause. It was a fun project.
2. Evening nap. z.z I may be finally catching up on all that sleep I missed at Conflation.
3. Got another 1100 words written on the polyromance. It's nice to have a project that comes easily again. n_n
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For Wednesday:

1. I am writing A Rational Arrangement faster than I'm sharing it. Like, a lot faster. I waited until I had like 10,000 words written before I started sharing it with my alpha-readers, and I've since written another 9000+ words and shared about 6000. I have serious buffer. I don't know that I really need buffer for this, but it's kind of fun. And also nice to see that I can motivate myself even without the "must have something to share RIGHT NOW" incentive.
2. Watching the Schlock Mercenary Challenge Coins Kickstarter explode in unexpected and overwhelming popularity. (From zero to fully funded in THREE MINUTES, folks. :D ) I am kind of sad that [ profile] howardtayler and [ profile] sandratayler are going to be buried in fulfillment work on this one, but it's good to see them prospering.
3. Avenging my losses in Stone Age by beating up on [ profile] terrycloth in Race for the Galaxy. There is still one game I am better than him at!

For Thursday:

1. Snow day! Even though snow as an adult is mostly annoying and I never go out and play in it any more, I remain fond of snow. And getting most of the day off is nice. Ahh, home and all wrapped up in my fuzzy comfy blanket. ♥
2. Snuggling with Lut to warm up when I got home from long trek in snow. ♥ ♥
3. Excited about going to St. Louis for Conflation tomorrow! My street's actually been plowed, which I am taking as a good omen that by the time I leave tomorrow (early afternoon) the roads will be reasonably clear. Snow is supposed to stop by tomorrow morning.
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For Tuesday:

1. Lut played a couple of games of Seasons with Terry and me. ♥
2. I read the first couple chapters of HMS Surprise and then went to [community profile] mandc_read to join last weekend's comment threads on chapter 2, and a bunch of people came and replied to me and made me feel all welcome-back. Also ♥
3. I solved the coding problem that had been dumped in my lap on Monday, and which lack-of-chocolate had prevented me solving Monday. It was not an elegant or fool-proof solution, but it got the problem out of my inbox anyway. Also, solving coding problems always makes me feel clever even if my solution is not. Yay!
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For Monday:

1. Saturday, I went to a local chocolatier's to buy post-Valentine's day sale chocolate. I still have a bunch left. And I successfuly resisted temptation to have more than one piece yesterday! :9
2. I finally got permission to purge a whole bunch of files from the bank's intranet because they are old reports no one cares about as soon as the new one is available. Yay virtual decluttering!
3. I bought a digital copy of HMS Surprise so I can re-join the [community profile] mandc_read. Which I haven't been doing lately because it's most active on the weekend and my weekends have been full o' social, but I want to squeeze in some time for it anyway.
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Weekends SO BUSY. Not even time to write down three things.

So, Saturday:

1. Boardgaming with Lut & Fred and the two Michaels. ♥ I even got to play three games I'd played before! For a change. I won a game of Trajan, and came in second in two games of 7 Wonders and one of Le Havre. Le Havre with five players is actually much nicer than with three, surprisingly. The much lower food requirements in 5 player are more than enough to offset the fewer turns you get to take. I forget who won Through the Ages or where I placed -- it was a pretty tight group.
2. I got to one of the scenes I've been looking forward to writing in my new story. Whee!
3. Sitting next to Michael during 7 Wonders and giving each other Pacifist Hugs because neither of us would ever bother to build military units. Hee!

For Sunday:
1. Caught up on laundry yay!
2. Visiting Corwyn for a while to not-play-boardgames, which we have not done lately. (Corwyn has only recently realized how much of a gaming nut I am even though I Have Always Been One, and it's taken him a little aback.)
3. Going to Corwyn's b-day party at Dave & Busters and playing a bunch of large-group arcade games with friends (5-player race, 4 player competitive pac-man, 4-player air hockey, 4-player trivia, and some other games that were one or two-player.)
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For yesterday. I did do this for Wednesday, but didn't post it because my phone has gone from 'crashes on copying text' to 'does not paste', which looks like progress but isn't.

1. Boardgame night! I went to Tabletop with Corwyn, and actually played the games that I'd brought and knew how to play already, for a change. I inexplicably won the second game we played of 7 Wonders. The thing I love about 7 Wonders is that I enjoy it even though I never feel like I am doing particularly well.
2. I finished the last of my February letters that were thank-you notes, by request, or replies! .... Now I have to do repeats or letters to random people whose address I happen to know for the rest of the month. If anyone else wants a letter, feel free to direct-message me your address. :)
3. At work, I replied with the giant list o' random info that one of my co-workers had requested, a day early. Making it look like I work here!
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[personal profile] the_gneech was posting about this -- it's basically a happiness exercise, and I would link to his post and source except that my phone does not feel like copying today. (It probably thinks I need to be more original).

This is the sort of thing I don't do because I am afraid it will be repetitious and boring and I won't keep it up and where would I write it down if not in my LJ? But today it strikes me that these are pretty stupid reasons. If people are bored by it, the scrollbar is right there. And "because I might not continue" is not an awesome reason to never start. So, whatever, three good things about yesterday:

1. I sent my daily letter out! I have actually kept going on the February letter-writing project, much to my surprise. It was a response to a letter I received on Monday, which would totally have made my good-things-about-Monday list if I was going back to Monday, but I'm not.
2. Playing games with [personal profile] terrycloth, which I have done most every evening Mon-Wed for years, but still look forward to. My Star Wars character made level 39!
3. Biking in the evening. I love that it's light enough and warm enough (albeit barely) on some evenings that I can bike outside again. Way more fun than in the dreary Basement of Doom.

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