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 Frost and Desire book cover: torso of a long-haired man partially disrobed
Frost and Desire
Frost, master sorcerer, wanted an apprentice: someone who would perform the tedious parts of sorcery, while Frost enjoyed the more sophisticated and varied aspects. Sorcery-bound individuals are vanishingly rare, so when he stumbled upon one who'd been overlooked by testers, he counted himself lucky indeed. No matter if the boy was old to begin an apprenticeship; he would learn.
After growing up a bastard and a whipping boy, the promise of a future as a rare powerful sorcerer seemed impossible to Thistle. He braced himself for failure and disappointment.
But nothing could prepare him for his growing attraction to his master. And it turns out there is one thing worse than an unrequited infatuation with one's mentor:
Having it reciprocated.
Author Comments

Woo! Finally done!

Frost and Desire
is a standalone M/M fantasy romance in a new setting. I thought of the idea for this story in 2015, wrote most of an outline, and then trunked it as too self-indulgent. Last year, after I finished drafting Angel's Sigil, I decided I was entitled to indulge myself for a little while.
The self-indulgent part: one of my favorite variations on the "hurt/comfort" trope is when one character hurts another and then feels awful and guilty about it and spends the rest of the book trying to make up for it. In real life, this does not make for healthy relationships. But this is fiction, and it can be just as much fun to read about relationships that don't work in the real world as it is to read about magic systems and interstellar spaceships that don't work in the real world, either.
I enjoyed writing this book, and I enjoy re-reading it even more. It is so finely-crafted to cater to my particular tastes that I will not fault anyone else for finding it unappealing. But if it sounds intriguing to you, I daresay you will love it!
Spoliers and Content Notes

This novel depicts a relationship that begins as healthy and platonic but eventually becomes abusive. After the breaking point and a long separation, the characters gradually work their way to their happily-ever-after. This is a fantasy. It is not intended to suggest that real-world abusive relationships should be "worked on" until they become healthy ones, or that teacher-pupil romances are a good idea (they are not even a good idea in the story). Novel contains an incident of mind-control, nonconsensual sex transformation, and rape. Also contains explicit sex and consensual bondage. It is not erotica; sex scenes comprise very little of the book. Similarly, despite some dark scenes, most of the book is upbeat: it wallows in the "comfort" side of hurt/comfort.
Thank you for reading!
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Angel's Sigil

Demon hunters trap demons. They do not help them avoid capture, and they do not help them reform. Everyone knows that demons are innately evil and cannot change.

But what if everyone is wrong?

After a demon took Sunrise prisoner half a season ago, it pledged to her that it would reform. That after millennia of feeding on the suffering of others, it would stop. In exchange, she promised to do her best to provide it with her happiness to feed upon instead. Her life, and the life of everyone she loves, depends upon this pledge. In some ways, it is the life Sunrise has always wanted: traveling the skylands with a swift, powerful protector, visiting strange places, learning a new language, and seeing things she'd not even imagined existed back in Oak-by-the-Water.

But the demon is lying to her, and if she finds out the truth ...

... how can she be happy then?


The sequel to Demon's Lure! Those of you who've been following my doings for a while may have noticed that Angel's Sigil has gone through a couple of different titles before I settled on this one. Names are hard, but I am satisfied now! Also, it's too late to change my mind again.

As with Demon's Lure, Angel's Sigil is a fantasy about a young woman and her demon, in a queer-positive setting. It is heavy on coping mechanisms and dealing with intolerable situations, and with no romantic subplot. This book completes the story begun in Demon's Lure, so if you wanted to wait and binge-read them both at the same time, you need wait no longer. I may revisit Sunrise and her demon at some future point, but I feel their first story arc has reached a good conclusion.

Thus, I am currently drafting The Princess, Her Dragon, and Their Prince, which is a spin-off on the Etherium books, set in one of the worlds that the the fey visit from time to time. It's a return to my polyamorous fantasy roots, with an FFM triad. My next release is already complete but for final edits and a final title; the working title is Frost, and it's a dysfunctional MM fantasy romance in a new setting. (With a happy ending, because I wouldn't call it a romance without a happy ending.)  
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In the fight against the demons of the skylands, Sunrise has one of the rarest powers: that of a lure. Where demons normally feed by tormenting their victims, Sunrise draws them with her happiness.
She doesn't want to hunt demons, but when a hunter team arrives at her village to ask for her help, she agrees. It should be easy: they just need her as bait for a pain demon that is too fast for them to capture otherwise. And a typical pain demon is no match for an experienced team of demon hunters.
But this is no typical demon. And it has its own plans. It has no intention of being trapped, and is not worried about the hunter team. No, its main concern is: what does a demon who's spent millennia torturing and tormenting humans know about making one happy?


Demon's Lure is my newest release! It's in a brand new setting, the skylands of the Anesh archipelago. This is my first general fantasy: there is no romance in Demon's Lure or in its sequel, Angel's Sigil*. So those of you who like my world-building and watching characters problem-solve, but aren't so much into the romance: this one's for you! Its theme is change and adaptation, with central questions like "how can you be happy despite things you don't like and can't change?" and "what causes people to change?" and "do the same things apply to demons?"
Some of these questions are less universal than others, is what I'm saying.

Anesh is a queer-positive setting; the protagonist is bisexual, some minor characters are nonbinary, and the society as a whole considers this unremarkable.
My cover artist for The Demon's Series is the talented Anthony Avon, and I can't wait to show you the cover** for Angel's Sigil, the sequel. That book will be out in August, so you won't have to wait long for the sequel.
* If I write a third book in the setting, it will almost certainly have a romantic subplot, though. Just warning you.
** Though if you browse around on Avon's DA, you can spot it now. n_n
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Demon's Lure is not quite ready for release, but it is in epub form now! I am looking for people interested in receiving a free early copy in return for reviewing it on Amazon and/or Goodreads and/or their own blog/site/review platform. Leave me a message with your email address if you're interested! Comments are screened, so no one else will see it. You can also send email to my gmail account LadyRowyn, if you'd rather.

Book blurb:

In the fight against the demons of the skylands, Sunrise has one of the rarest powers: that of a lure. Where demons normally feed by tormenting their victims, Sunrise draws them with her happiness.

She doesn't want to hunt demons, but when a hunter team arrives at her town to ask for her help, she agrees. It should be easy: they just need her as bait for a pain demon that is too fast for them to capture otherwise. And a typical pain demon is no match for an experienced team of demon hunters.

But this is no typical demon. And it has its own plans. It has no intention of being trapped, and is not worried about the hunter team. No, its main concern is: what does a demon who's spent millennia torturing and tormenting humans know about making one happy?
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Golden Coils

They saved his soul ... now it's time to save her world!
When Bia is forced to flee the Mark Isles, Sir Kildare brings her to his native Dumagh to seek asylum. Bia knows Kildare feels indebted to her for her part in his salvation. But she loves him too much to want him bound to her by gratitude.
Since they banished Fiona Gascoigne's demon, they assume she no longer poses a threat. But there is a reason Gascoigne has never feared damnation, and her ambition and capacity for evil extends far beyond anything Bia or her son could imagine...

Author Commentary

Golden Coils is the sequel to Silver Scales, which I published in November. I imagine that does not make it "long-awaited" for most people, but I started to write this book in 2006. I have been waiting for this for a long time! I am delighted by the final results, and I look forward to hearing the reactions of readers.

Golden Coils
is the second book of the duology and concludes those arcs that were not resolved by Silver Scales. So if you prefer to binge-read series, now is the time to get them both! I may someday revisit this world, but the story now does not demand a sequel the way Scales did.

Silver Scales for $2.99!

Now is also a good time to get both because Silver Scales is on sale through February 2!

Other Stuff

M.C.A. Hogarth publishedBusiness for the Right-Brained so recently even she hasn't sent out her newsletter announcing it yet! This collects and adds new material to a series of essays she published on her blog some years ago. This is my very favorite business book: a book so delightful I read it with enthusiasm long before I made any efforts to make money at a creative endeavor. It is chock-full of good advice offered with kindness, consideration, and adorable jaguar illustrations.

This book, y'all. It is wonderful. I drew a mini-comic in tribute to these essays a couple of years ago:

That is how much I love it. If you are interested in creative endeavors or in business, this book is not only well worth reading. It is also just plain fun to read. *hugs her copy forever*
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The Sun Etherium
| Print
A romance of genderfluid shapeshifters, set in a post-scarcity world of magic and intrigue.

Fey immortal Jinokimijin never expected ruling the Sun Etherium to be all fun and games -- but as it turns out, organizing fun and games is his first challenge. Firing the chair of the Founder's Festival for praising slavery is easy: ensuring the Founder's Festival succeeds afterwards is considerably harder. Jino needs a distraction from the temptation to micromanage. Luckily there's an anonymous club just waiting for a new member eager to set his trials briefly aside....

Jino's not the only one trying to escape his troubles: Kireki, once prince-consort, lost his position along with the abusive wife Jino deposed. Can the relationship spawned by two masked fey survive the revelation of their true selves? And will the Founder's Festival be the first of Jino's successes as ruler of the Sun Etherium... or the towering failure that undermines his throne?

Note: this book follows after the events of The Moon Etherium, but both works stand alone as complete novels and can be read independently of each other.

Author Commentary

The Sun Etherium is near and dear to my heart for a variety of reasons. I love writing about a post-scarcity society that is casually accepting of so many things my own society struggles with. It was super-fun to write genderfluid characters who can shapeshift to make their bodies match their idea of themselves at any given time. Although Jino isn't much like me as a person, their feelings about gender match my own more closely than any other character I've written about.

This book is about nonviolent conflicts, and characters who don't have the option of using force to resolve their problems. While there's some use of force in flashbacks, the present day problems are caused and resolved through intellect or by social means. In my own life, violence has never been the answer and yet I still have plenty of thorny problems. So I enjoyed portraying different kinds of issues.

Special New Release Sale!

In honor of The Sun Etherium's launch, I've put both it and The Moon Etherium on sale at 40% off -- just $2.99! -- through December 27. After that, the two books will sell for their regular price of $4.99.

Other Stuff:
M.C.A Hogarth also launched a new book this month, From Ruins, the final installment of her Princes' Game series. The series is a magnificent space opera, starting with the intimate details of the relationships between a few key players, and then showing the sweeping consequences of those early changes. If you like binge-reading a whole series at once, here's your chance! The first book, Even the Wingless, is still on sale for 99 cents as of this writing, so grab it now!
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He's had his whole life to save his soul from damnation ... and now he's out of time.

The fate of Sir Damon Kildareā€™s soul rests on finding the silver scales of a living dragon, a quest the woman who damned him wants him to fail. Kildare expects to fail, too: the last dragon was slain eighteen years ago by humans intent on genocide. And the scales are only one part of the infernal challenge: there are two more he hasn't even identified, much less obtained.

But the daughter of the last surviving dragonslayer, Zenobia Gardsmark, is determined to save his soul. She has aid from unlikely corners: from Madden, Kildare's magical hare companion, to indomitable ogres and determined schoolgirls. She'll need whatever help she can get, because all the forces of Hell are against them, and time is running out...

Will God allow demons to drag a good man into the Abyss? And will Zenobia and their friends find the answer before it's too late?

Available now from an e-book-store near your mouse cursor!

I started writing Silver Scales on February 17, 2003. At the time, I'd been working on a Very Serious epic fantasy for the last eight months. The Very Serious epic fantasy was a kind of book I'd never read, which I'd initially taken for originality. But by this time I'd realized it was less "this kind of book doesn't exist" and more "this is not the kind of book I actually like to read so I never seek it out."

Silver Scales would be different. In it, I wrote exactly the kind of book I wanted to read. It's shamelessly inspired by Diana Wynne Jones's lighthearted, cheerful fantasies. I put in my favorite tropes: magic -- of course! -- used to make everyday life better and easier. Talking animal companions! Religion, as both struggle and celebration. Romance! Intelligent fantasy races living alongside humans. Dragons! Men saving women in distress! Women saving men in distress!

Because I am all about people saving one another, y'all.

I wanted a story where people grappled with problems that mattered to them, but where those problems were not the totality of their lives, and certainly not their world. It's a book full throughout of both setbacks and triumphs.

This book, out of all my unpublished works, has lingered in the minds of early readers. Alinsa typeset an early version of it for me in 2015, as a surprise gift and in token of her desire to see it in print. "Publish Silver Scales," Lut said to me, every day, for months after I released A Rational Arrangement. "If people like ARA, they will love Scales."

There, Lut. I've published it.
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About the book

A prince of the Sun Etherium, Mirohirokon has everything: immortality, invulnerability, and the aetheric power to be anything he desires, to satisfy almost any desire. But the one thing aether cannot give him is his father's freedom. For a chance to win that, he will risk everything.

Sick of the petty, twisted politics of the Moon Etherium, Ardent quit it for a simpler life. Yet when Miro seeks her aid to rescue his father, she realizes that far more is at stake than one man's life. Duty-bound, she returns.

But to save their world, must they sacrifice their love?

Special New Release Price!
On sale for just $2.99! Buy it now! Sale ends October 5.

My previous books, A Rational Arrangement and Further Arrangements are also discounted to $2.99 in honor of the new release.

Other Stuff
The Moon Etherium is the book I drafted in six weeks back in the spring. It took me a little longer to get it ready for sale, but it's here! It has some of my favorite story elements: magic, romance, and problems that the protagonists have to work together to overcome. I'm very pleased with how it came out and already working on another standalone novel in the same setting. I hope you all will enjoy it, too.

Lastly, special thanks to my tireless typesetter [ profile] alinsa. ♥
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Further Arrangements is now for sale! At URLs conveniently accessible to your browser!

About the book

A Prequel, a Sequel, and a Parallel:
Three novellas set in the world of A Rational Arrangement

His Angel: Lord Justin Comfrey is not in the habit of molesting the help. But when his host assigns an angelic young man to attend to Comfrey's every need, that resolve is sorely tested.

Inconceivable: When Wisteria has trouble conceiving a child with her husband, Nikola Striker, it only makes sense to them to ask their secret husband for help. But to Justin, the question is not so simple.

A Regular Hero: Callie strikes sparks with the handsome warcat Anthser, but she's a competitive racer and he serves the Blessed Lord Nikola. She wants more from her life than to be the second most important person in his. Must one of them give up their life's dream to be the other's mate?

Special New Release Price!

In honor of the release, both A Rational Arrangement and Further Arrangements are on sale for $2.99! Buy them now! Sale ends February 15.

I do not presently plan to serialize Further Arrangements, so if you'd like to read more in this setting after the serial of A Rational Arrangement is complete, here's your chance!

Publishing Details

Special thanks to [ profile] alinsa, who lovingly typeset the book for me, and did the typography for the cover.

Further Arrangements will also be available in print form in the next week or so. Cover price to be determined. It should be less than A Rational Arrangement, because Further Arrangements is much shorter than the first book.

Other Ways to Support the Author

If you do not wish to buy, or cannot afford it, that's fine. If you like A Rational Arrangement, please spread the word! Recommendations to friends, retweets and reblogs of the story installments, reviews on Amazon or on your own blog, etc., are all much appreciated.

For those who read the collection: reviews on Amazon are especially helpful! Not only do they increase the book's visibility on Amazon, but when the book accumulates enough of them, various book review sites will let me submit it for Yet More Reviews. (It's a virtuous cycle!)
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This is the last day to get A Rational Arrangement for $4.99! Tonight it goes up to its list price of $6.99. So buy it now! Or you can buy it tomorrow for more money, it's all good to me. :)

Amazon ~ Kobo ~ Nook ~ iBooks

In other book news, it is also available in print! You can buy it from Amazon or from Createspace. The print edition is $19.95. It is going to just stay $19.95, because the economics of print-on-demand make it impossible for me to offer a meaningful discount on that price, and $19.95 is plenty expensive enough.

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