Fixed some bugs

Feb. 17th, 2019 06:48 pm
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And re-shipped the Thing that Needed To Be Provided.

Kid still kinda sick, though eating Real Food again.

I am sleepy.

Havva Quote
"I simply don't shine in company. Mostly I prefer to retreat with a book."
-- Barbara Hambly (Bride of the Rat God)
Via Goodreads

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Uff. I got sick in the middle there and actually burned out on this for a while, but I made an effort to complete it and did.

Last of the spoilers. )
I'm really glad I beat this again. I -will- go through with Birth By Sleep and Dream Drop Distance at some point in the future, but man I kiiiinda need a break from all things Kingdom Hearts for a while.

Month of Letters and Stationery!

Feb. 17th, 2019 07:35 pm
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I'm still doing LetterMo (and InCoWriMo)!  As of today I have mailed out 22 letters/postcards/cards (with one ready to go in the mail), received 3 replies and one letter-not-a-reply, and drawn castles, maps, lava, clouds, and barns.

I've talked about the weather a lot, Ithaca, winter activities, and whatever else came to mind - including often the paper or card I was writing on.

And Friday and today, as a reward for finishing my work self-evaluation and then for getting the taxes done and sent, I bought a bunch of stationery. 

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Less vertigo

Feb. 16th, 2019 09:55 pm
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It faded out again a bit later that evening, and I'm only just now today having a tad. (Also really really tired for some reason. I guess all my caffeine wore off.)

I bundled up the stuff that I needed Sigil for and sent it the places it needed to go and hopefully it works.

I am about to be carted away for food.

The place that allegedly has "white pizza" keeps putting tomato sauce on it, which kind of defeats the purpose, but it's still reasonably tasty.

maybe I will remember to put in a quote after we get back.

Vertigo is FUN!

Feb. 15th, 2019 11:20 pm
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It's like a roller coaster in my HEAD!

I'm so vertiginous I'm nearly teal!

The pun, explained. )

Kid still has nausea. We went to see a candidate speak. Muwhahahaha! Kid coped well, though.

I am very glad for the wayback machine, as I needed to get a quote from a review for Reasons.

In other, similar news, I have managed to best Sigil in a fair fight, I think. I still want Vellum, which I hear is much better, but I think I have made something at least reasonable. Which seems to work.

Did you know that if you want to put a cover into Sigil, you have to make a blank page at the front, put it in book view, and then insert the image? It won't insert unless you have it in book view. (Aka WYSIWYG view.)

That said, after I got a *slimmed down* stylesheet to look at, I'm actually okay with CSS stuff kindasorta.

Havva Quote
"Books are like people. They can be beautiful on the outside and it’s wonderful when they are, but what counts is the inside. And the inside of a book can be communicated in a dozen different ways, and cheaply enough that everyone can have access. And everyone should."
--M.C.A. Hogarth (Rose Point (Her Instruments, #2)) via Goodreads

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Feb. 15th, 2019 11:57 am
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I had more engagement here than in the last 2 years combined so yay?

All the candy is 50% or more off today, so B surprised me with white chocolate covered strawberries for breakfast.

So, my family is really awesome, and my oldest turns 5 on Monday, and that is all big and O_O.

He wants a Robot Party, so I get to wander all over creation looking for a robot pinata (he loves pinatas).

Parenting is fun.

Kid still sick.

Feb. 15th, 2019 01:03 am
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Have gotten the art -- rescued from the dying (probably dead now) Mac a while back -- that I need for a Project. Whew that I still had it! (Back up your machines, all. And your backup machines!)

Now I just need to put Art into Epub in Sigil, which is an unsupported program now. Uuuuugh. (And all its documentation was on the web, and now it's GONE.

Also, I kind of hate teaching myself CSS for epubs when the tutorial stuff DOESN'T ACTUALLY MENTION CERTAIN TIDBITS. Ugh. Well, I figured it out after staring at someone else's epub (thank goodness for DRM-free stuff!), so that's good.

Kid is still sick, though we managed to go out for food some. (I got a Rice-and-veggies porridge and when the kid's initial food didn't turn out well, shared that, so they got SOME food, at least...) I also, this evening, COOKED! 1: I made potato soup -- part from a can, and part from chunks of mostly-cooked potato cut up, and the lot boiled till the chunks were pretty much all cooked. The kid ate a bowl of it and the other bowl is in the fridge; it should microwave well. Kid liked it, though I thought it was missing caramelized onions -- but on an iffy tummy, something fairly uncomplicated is probably good. 2: I then made french toast out of the four leftover slices of pound cake that were getting stale, which was... well, it was okay. I put a little cinnamon in the batter. Might've shoulda put in some nutmeg, too? I didn't add vanilla, either, because pound cake. Anyway, the bites alternated between pretty good and "well, that sure is pound cake" tastes. So not bad, but a bit "hm; needs something."

Maybe more butter? I didn't add any butter or syrup, as they were pretty sweet to start with. (POUND CAKE!) Maybe I should've toasted the slices before battering them.

Then I cleaned off almost everything that was used in the cooking (except the can from the soup, which is still soaking a bit), and then I cleaned off a couple of empty "stuff was stacked on them" clementine cartons and broke one of them down for recycling and will deal with the other one another time; it's sitting on the back of the trash-basket... bin... whatever you call the free-standing hip-height plastic buckets with lids that have trash in them. It's not a can. It's plastic!

So I am feeling something approximating productive today.

Havva Quote
---------------------Quoted by w*******---------------------
The more of the Naruto series I watch, the more I am convinced it is told not by a single external objective narrator but instead by a series of recurring unreliable narrators.
w******* says, “I have not reviewed the series to crosscheck for this specifically, but on the surface, it sounds terribly plausible.”

I agree.

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The Visit

Feb. 14th, 2019 06:33 pm
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He could have had any man or woman in the whole nation — probably in several of the adjacent nations as well. He was a brilliant man,a dashing pirate, and his airship was one of the finest known to navy nor fleet. He was a folk hero the likes of which had not come since Dywin Talizen in the age of stories and myths.

And his airship had ducked in, dodging the royal navy ships and the cannons, to visit a political prisoner in a quiet exile in a mountainous corner. He had brought her a rose, the sort of gift that fit the stories, risking everything for a romantic gesture.

He couldn’t stay long; he couldn’t even risk a kiss, even if she would have accepted it. But he brought her a rose.

And he brought her a key.

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V-day prompts!

Feb. 14th, 2019 01:45 pm
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Today I think I would like prompts for microfic on couples, romance, and slash, please.

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Posting from Upstairs

Feb. 13th, 2019 11:23 pm
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Kid needs company. Spouse needs food. Here I am on my bittybook.

I got over 8 hours of sleep (not nine, alas), and feel rather better. The headache seems to spike when I move my head wrong, so maybe there's a muscle strain somewhere? Dunno. It's only doing the pain-spikes when I move wrong, at least, so I'm not taking ibuprofen all the time.

Tried going to Panera to get lunch, as kid was feeling better, but the complicated food was a mistake, and we went home. Rice-with-beef-broth was dinner. I have not heard that there were Regrets about this, so far. ("Food is terrible. Everything is terrible. I'm still eating it.")

I am in a state of hating everything. *sigh* Plus I need to make a nice epub and mobi file for... Reasons. I'm strongly considering buying Vellum, as Sigil is... Well, it's *okay*, but.

...I want a great big hub of a computer in the basement, with some version-control stuff for when I yank a copy of a file up to one of my less up-to-date machines or stuff a file back. *SIGH*

Havva Quote
Of course we fought! We were practically siblings!
-- (THIS PAGE IS SAD! ;_; )

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This month — as I did 2 years ago — I am participating in A Month of Letters / International Correspondence Writing Month.

The goals of these two remarkably similar things are, respectively:

Mail something every day the post runs in February; reply to every letter you get.
handwrite a l

read on…

What is sleep?

Feb. 12th, 2019 07:51 pm
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Tried to sneak out from the kid's room twice, but they were asking me to stay. The second time, I think mostly talking-in-sleep. >_>

My headache has been lasting rather terribly, when I'm not taking ibuprofen. Do migraines respond to ibuprofen? I've been assuming not, but this one is pretty nasty when it's not medicated. Maybe it's from lack of sleep. Kid messaged me with an urgent need for a banana (standard "hunger" for them is nausea; combine with a stomach bug nausea for extra "fun"...), and then there were PHONE CALLS that meant I didn't get back to sleep. I have not had over 5 hours of sleep this cycle. I have not had 8 hours of sleep for the last 3 cycles at least.

Kid still sick, maybe slightly less fever? Not sure. Spouse still sick, but feeling a tiny bit better. I probably have the stomach bug, as I was low-hunger and when I was getting the kid food this morning, I was a bit queasy as well.

I should eat something. Something besides, um... food talk )

Havva Quote
Apart from pointing out basic errors such as spelling, grammar, typos, confusing syntax, word echoes, or floating antecedents, which should be utterly routine and feeling-free, framing remarks in the mode of, "This bit did this for me. Did you really mean it to work that way?" can be helpful. Saying "you are wrong" can be argued with; saying "I had this response" really can't. Including positive remarks along with the negative also helps keep the recipient's ears open and less defensive.
--Bujold answering a question about critique.

(Look, she writes interesting stuff and it's easy for me to go over and sample some of the stuff at Goodreads... >_> )

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To work at an arcade takes hard work and guts. It takes a steady head for business and the willingness to laugh a little at life's ups and downs. It takes a warm heart and some basic common sense.

You also need luck, strong support from friends and the willingness to throw yourself after your hopes and dreams. You can't get anywhere if you don't follow those.

Arcade Spirits is about following hopes and dreams, working with fast friends at an arcade in the distant future year 20XX. You can date your friends, or you can just go to work and have fun with your friends. The game's not gonna judge you if you're not looking for romance.

I've played enough VNs where the game over condition is "You tried to buddy up to too many people, none of them is your True Soulmate, come back when you're ready to commit." Arcade Spirits doesn't do that.

This also means that it doesn't work on a "route" system, where you lock yourself to someone and see all of their scenes by saying only things they like, then replay to see everyone else's scenes by saying only things they like. You're pretty much free to engage with a situation based on the personality quirks you want to have, and if you go off and befriend someone who isn't your True Love... not a big deal. You all work together anyway, who minds?

It's also a VN that isn't a conduit for lewds. There's some suggestive art (look, there's a freakin' beach episode) but nobody strips off completely.

Oh, and this game is extremely respectful of folks across the LGBT spectrum. (If that's a dealbreaker for you, please get the hell out of my review text.)

The art is pretty great, and the music is ... loungey and relaxed. It doesn't intrude on the experience, I'm glad I bought the soundtrack for background listening.

The writing really takes center stage (it's a visual novel, obvs) and it's got that classic Lucasarts-y feel where for the most part you never have to be afraid to pick a solid joke or reaction, because you can be sure it won't tank your game. It's also funny and poignant and can contain as much HOT BLOODED SPIRIT as a giant robot anime if you choose to propel yourself down that route.

(I for one stepped up as a Passionate Defender of Arcadekind and the game let me roll with it. Srsly the text was like 80% Stirring Friendship Speech. I think I accidentally rolled a Yu-Gi-Oh character.)

That said, prepare for emotions. There are some Strong Feelings here. It can hurt.

If you're an older gamer, you'll go berserk over nods to classics like Buckner and Garcia's albums and existing real-world retro games, or you can go full eSports fan with arcade-action MOBAs and revolutionary dancing. While you're not actually playing these games, it's fun to see them and mull over how the arcade scene could've developed if it hadn't crashed.

Basically... I was waiting eagerly for Arcade Spirits and it lived up to what I wanted and expected. There's good replay value here if you're the type to chase achievements but if you're not, this is a pretty strong one-and-done story too. The demo's worth a try if you're still on the fence, but...

...look, 80-some quarters will get you either a stirring tale of love, dreams and friendship OR it'll get you halfway through Gauntlet.

Haven't you played enough Gauntlet for one lifetime?

[EDIT: I have been informed that original Gauntlet does not have an ending and I was thinking of Gauntlet Legends. I hope this grievous misinformation does not damage my credibility. I promise to fire myself when I am no longer needed for upkeep and maintenance.]

(This review was cross-posted to Steam, so it's a little odd-reading. Written for the masses and all. But look: I fricking loved this game. It got me to consider dating human people. That doesn't happen. This game gave me the same warm feelings about its cast that Star Billions did. So... yeah, real good stuff here. 10/10 rec if you're into VNs at all.)

House of the Rising Plague Rat

Feb. 11th, 2019 11:18 pm
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Kid has a stomach bug and cannot be vertical for longer than a visit to the bathroom and back. There was yarping this morning. There have been sliced apples and a banana and an attempt at chicken-rice soup (which was no). Kid has a fever, and general body-aches, but ibuprofen helps both of those.

Spouse has an inner-ear bug and is exhausted and low on balance. And a headache, he says. He is extremely miserable.

I have a screaming headache, which I would have assumed was from a caffeine withdrawal, but I had tea yesterday even if we ate in both meals! Darnit! I HAD TEA!!! I may be a little queasy, but that may well be just anti-placebo. I should take more ibuprofen soon.

I got to bed at 6:30am last sleep. Didn't help with headache issues, obviously. Also, it is coming up on the Time of Howling. No, wait, I do not actually turn into a werewolf monthly. THIS IS A VILE OVERSIGHT. Even if all I would do would be lie on top of a heating vent and probably have a cat sit on me.

Speaking of cats, I took off Friskie's bondage gear Don't-Mess-With-Wound shirt and have been letting her wander around in full fluff. If she doesn't mess with her stitches (I'll check before going up), then we can probably let her go back to being a nudist.

Havva Quote
Since I first read this one years back, I'd had time to forget the details, so it was almost like a whole new read. There has also been time for it to gently age from contemporary to historical fiction, urp.
--Bujold reviews the first Vicky Bliss book (by Elisabeth Peters, IIRC which nom de plume the author was using for those)

INwatch+Bookwatch )

Dream of Last Night: Space Game

Feb. 11th, 2019 05:16 pm
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Small excerpts from the space game in my head last night:

"Your legs have scored a pair of concert tickets on the black market and they went without you. Abandon them if you like, or go to Glaustobon III to catch them in the act."

"Sorry to tell you this but that's not an interface element. Stop clicking it or you're going to have to get married."

"You need a proper Jump-certified pilot if you want to get out of your local hangouts. You can hire a few options, or if you're strapped, buy a microwave from Space Dollar General. Some of the newer models are Jump-capable. Set it and forget it, right?"

"Throwing rocks out the window does not count as "Mass Driver Technology". Roll that back up, you're in space."

"Now that you've come into some money, consider expanding your ship from three-seat Jump Jockey to multi-family Galaxy Tour Bus. You can zone each ship block for Residential, Ship Functions, or Cargo. Remember to run a monorail between them. No one wants to hike through hard vacuum to get to the food court."

Aspiring game developers, I am available to write all your tutorial text.
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‘Via’s stuff turned out to be in a record shop a few rooms down.  She had her own nest there, but it looked more like a hovel or a hut than a comfortable place to stay.  She muttered something that sounded almost like an apology, but Abby really wasn’t listening. She had caught sight of the people on one of the record sleeves.  ‘Via was right. She didn’t want to know what the rabbit-them looked like.

read on…
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Did not get 8 hours sleep before having to be awake.

Have eaten food here for breakfast and dinner, but still went to gym for walking; all but closed it down!

Have driven the MIL's car back to the MIL's and left it there, as Blue Belle is working now, yay!

Contractor/carpenter has been called and he came to see the damage to the railing (on the stairs that go up to the house from the garage), and also spouse wants contractor to install an extra rail in spouse's mom's house so she can get up and down the stairs better.

My eyes are blurred from fatigue right now. Ugh.

It is past midnight.

Spouse is trying to fix the kitchen faucet (the lever for it has been coming off the base more and more frequently, which is clearly a problem) and making all kinds of noises that it's making me jumpy because each one is an "alert" noise and I have to evaluate and discard them all because he's just making noises to himself.

Havva Quote
     Possibly the most gonzo version of the circa 1600 Chinese classic Journey to the West I have yet encountered, the pilgrim monk and his supernatural helpers are here re-envisioned as a sort of bishonen boy band on the Worst. Roadtrip. Ever. Even the silent 5th member of the party, the dragon prince that turns into a white horse, here turns into a jeep. (With hilarious consequences for the character interaction.)
     The world-building is utter crack, which is a fairly pointless complaint in light of the original.
--Bujold Reviews Saiyuki, Vol. 1 at

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