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And/or record turning it on so I can inflict the sound on Twitter, and then link it here to inflict on everyone here as well.

*noms at the mochi ice cream thing* ...yeah, dusting that with flour was NOT tasty, however much it helped things not stick. Ew. I shall have to try to dust these off. *lets the thing thaw more*

Kid had a dr appointment. Doctor was running way late and sort of went ZOOM through the appointment, which is reasonable, and she was trying to be thorough, but not the best pace for Offspring. Still, we got through it. I have to make an appointment for the vaccination that they need.

I have a headache above my right eye and a neck-ache (I believe these are likely to be related), and this is annoying. It is at least not a caffeine withdrawal headache.

Havva Quote
I'm not sure we can set a town on fire... I mean, we can, but we shouldn't. Plus I'm not sure we can; it's raining.
--Bryn. Podcast: "Hit & Abyss, Episode 7: Deadly Secrets." (I was listening, so this may not be an exact quote.

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Dream of Last Night: ...???

Apr. 17th, 2019 11:07 am
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Woke up to the power being out, so I went back to sleep.

Woke up again to the power still being out, so I rolled over and figured out how to get my phone to connect to the sky and dug around and found the wireless keyboard and ...

..oops, too long, out of memory error, no dream found.

So this is ... recording that I actually HAD a dream but have forgotten it.

Make something up, it'll make as much sense anyway.

What Is Your Essence?

Apr. 17th, 2019 01:34 pm
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Who is the Real You when all the distractions, fears, and “shoulda/coulda/woulda” factors of life are stripped away?

Do you know?

Would you like to find out?

The “essence conversation” is one of my favorite coaching tools. It’s a roughly hour-and-a-half conversation that distills your true core, your essence, to five guiding concepts. Sometimes I find that people are afraid of what they might find out… but in practice I have never once had a client discover that they were anything but amazing.

By the end of the process, we come up with five words that describe your real self. (Why five? No magic secret, just that people are generally too complex for fewer than that, and more than that creates mental clutter.) Everyone’s words are different. My essence words, as distilled by my own coach using this same tool, are:

  • exuberance

  • play

  • trust

  • connection

  • heart

When I’m stuck trying to make a decision, or working on a difficult problem, or even just feel like something is “off,” I return to my essence to help me choose what to do. I also find, when things are not working, that I’ve probably been choosing from ego or survival mechanism instead of essence — but that’s a topic for another post.

I’ve done dozens of essence conversations, and it’s always amazing. It’s where I like to start the coaching process, to create a powerful foundation for success. I also don’t charge for essence conversations, so if you’d like a taste of coaching and learn the power it can bring to your life, it’s a great way to get your feet wet. E-mail me today to schedule a call!

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Oops! Next week. (Tired this week, so understandable.)

I have finished editing that chunk, but I foresee there will be a third go-over at some point, because I have found illogic. There was shouting. There was, in fact, swearing. -_-


I at least got probably around 8 hours of sleep, for a change.

I need to take the New Cheap Speaker out to the car. Where I should probably not leave it on-and-ready-to-be-paired all the time, because someone else might pair up with it and try to blast out rock music at some ungodly hour of the night. >_> This means I will be hearing the nice Chinese voice saying that the Bluetooth Device Is Ready For Pairing a lot, I wager.

Oh, and it's trash night. Time to go sift the litterboxen. Or maybe eat a dinner.

Havva Quote
Two-hundred pairs of eyes on you, waiting for you to frig up, and half your staff can’t tie their shoelaces yet. And if you do make a mistake? You explode. But even worse, you prove to God and everyone else that you really are a worthless fool.
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Okay, this is entirely because DaHob sent me the link to Talk Nerdy to Me. 

When Nat first saw the ads shouting  “win a trip to Middle Earth,” she assumed it was just another studio amusement park, like “spend a weekend in the Wizarding World” or “Cruise on the Black Pearl.”

It wasn’t unt

read on…

Switching STO night

Apr. 15th, 2019 07:54 pm
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I forgot till just now. Oops!


Got a little $10 buck Bluetooth Speaker in Target (GEMS brand), that charges via USB-to-micro-USB, and therefore I can haul it into the car. It says, when turned on, "Bluetooth Device is ready for pairing." Except it says this in an Asian accent, such that I suspect the poor woman was reading it off a syllable-sheet -- not even English-as-second (or third, etc.) language. It's a bit hard to understand (might even be a computer voice, programmed with syllables?), but I suspect I'd sound the same trying to read syllables... Or worse.

(I say Asian because I really don't know if the accent is Japanese, Chinese, or Korean, or something else. It's got a Made in China tag on it, so probably Chinese? The company is in MN. (

Not a bad sound from it, so pretty useful for $10. Hopefully not full of chinese malware to try to take over my phone. >_>

Havva Quote
Then, then, little fellow -- madness is the best possible response.

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Recordkeeping: Escape Lala COMPLETE

Apr. 15th, 2019 07:06 pm
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A short pixelriffic pointyclicker where you're trapped in a cave and your goal is to solve puzzles.

I mean escape.

But mostly I mean solve puzzles, because you're not escaping until every puzzle in your way is solved and every piece of inventory is clicked on something else, be it in the world or elsewhere in your inventory. You can collect hint coins and I used a few, because some puzzles were not only not intuitive, but I think the solution for them in the gameworld either didn't exist or was extremely obtuse.

That said I solved a couple of puzzles by accident so there's also that.

Anyway this was twenty minutes of puzzles and not bad. Sometimes you just want to solve adventure game puzzles because you're there and so are they. This is for those times.
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Welcome to the new digs! I recently completed working with Braid Creative to bring together twenty years of writing, comics, and coaching under one banner, and I am very pleased with the results.

Which makes all the more ridiculous the drama I had to push myself through to get to it. >.>

Because Braid is a professional agency, they charge Professional Agency Prices — prices that set off my survival mechanism big time when they were first quoted to me. I had seen their work and I knew that they were who I wanted but… y’know… money scary. First I put off contacting them at all. Then I contacted them and backed out in a panic two weeks later when I had a slow clients month.

And then I noticed: backing out of getting the branding overhaul that I knew I wanted, made getting clients harder instead of easier. I had effectively told myself and the Universe that I wasn’t worth the investment, and if I didn’t believe I was, why should a potential client? From there, it was just a nudge away from going into a tailspin of suck, resignation, and beating myself up.

I am pleased to report, dear reader, that I didn’t go into that tailspin… but it was a near thing. Basically it took the support of my own coach, my other coachy friends, and a certain amount of mule-headed stubbornness to decide that no, I wanted to invest in myself, and especially that I was worth investing in. So after what felt like a year but was more like three or four days and angst about it, I found the money, put it in my business account so I wouldn’t use it for anything else, and called the agency to say “Let’s do this thing.”

Now the good news? I’m actually glad the delay happened, because in the intervening time I also had some major breakthroughs around figuring out what I actually wanted from my brand. Where I had originally just planned to create a look and feel for, I realized that this was a great opportunity to create an integrated new me — which is in fact Braid’s specialty. If I hadn’t had my little freakout, I would have been wasting their integration expertise by just telling part of the story.

So be grateful for your breakdowns! They may just be leading you to better things in the end!

Dream of Last Night: A tune.

Apr. 15th, 2019 09:24 am
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Woke up with a piece of music that was on the radio in my dream still in my mind.

Daft Punkian "we can afford this lyric, one drum machine and a vocoder" sort of production values. (EDIT: Maybe Nine Inch Nails? Something.)

For this to have defeated me
I have to be in a state of insecurity
For this to have deleted me
I have to be in a state of insecurity
For you to have mistreated me
You have to be in a state of insecurity
There is no getting rid of me
You can't keep me in a state of insecurity

S'catchy, I'll give it that.
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But I was awake, and the offspring was awake, and if we got dressed reasonably quickly, we could go to the lunch place that's only open till 2, so...

Reader, we got to the lunch place. O:>

We then walked around outside for a moderately long time (as the weather was still good, but not so hot that we will have to go back to the gym).

I have posted a bunch of stuff from here to AO3.

Having done taxen, Spouse is watching the Sword Art Online (I think that's the title?) dubbed anime. I can hear him doing so, and the female voice is annoying me somewhat. *sigh* It feels like, often, English voice actresses are trying to hit the Japanese high-pitch genki/kawaii tones, and it really doesn't work well most of the time. (Like, Disney does good dubs...) *claws ears off*


I am very tired. Bed around 6am is blah.

Havva Quote
     It's the Final Battle, with the Host of Heaven against the Hordes of Hell. Michael and Baal step forward, for their fated, destined duel.
     But God stacked the deck a long, long time ago...

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For my birthday weekend, I challenge(d) people to leave me prompts that would be fun for me to write and also that the prompted would enjoy reading enough to give me fun feedback on. 

Tall order, right? :-)


"Shit, Dorian."  Gianne eyed the bank of the overflowing river and then stumble-skipped down it, holding on to every branch and rock study enough to be a handhold; Dorian, an oversized golden retriever, stood at the top of the bank and barked helpfully.  "Shhh."

The river was flowing fat and high, clearly over its normal banks, full of detritus, but none of that was what had caught her attention. The black hair with the single streak of white and the ashen face under it, barely held out of the water by the fork of a branch; it could be a corpse.  She was hoping it was still alive enough to save.

read on…

Lack of headaches is much better

Apr. 13th, 2019 08:09 pm
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Chocolate powder lasts a long time, and tastes good in a mug of chai tea + a splash of milk.

Sleep is good. I could have used more.

I've done a lot of walking. Walkwalkwalk. See, a major warm front came by and the garage was 55 F, and outside was in the 70s F. So chilly, walked outside, and BAM, WARMTH. o_o

In a bit, I need to do more editing.

Havva Quote
Player: Is this sword better than what [name] is carrying?
GM: Whatever he's carrying, this sword is better.
--listening to Hit & Abyss Episode 7 Twitchcast

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This wasn't as spectacular as its sequel, but for a starting place and home base for the series to work outward from, it was pretty strong. Any mystery dungeon is better than no mystery dungeon and this sure was some mystery dungeon gameplay, with things not really getting difficult or engaging until the final dungeon's lengthy climb skyward.

The story was present and written decently, if pitched ... well, a bit young. (Yes, in this children's monster collecting game. I know.) There were still a couple of times where I was like "Oh my gosh you're flashing back to STUFF THAT JUST HAPPENED" but that's one problem that got WAY worse in the sequel, so things flowed very smoothly here.

Mostly I feel sad I never developed any strong emotional connections here. I just wasn't feeling anything. This is unlikely to show up in the end of the year awards, I'm afraid.

Does make me look forward to Super Mystery Dungeon though.

Headaches suck

Apr. 12th, 2019 11:54 pm
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Most of my day was spent regretting that I didn't drink any caffeine after we got back from the movie. Green tea is not enough to sate my caffeine dependency! So I woke up with a headache, took ibuprofen, got more sleep, still had a headache, and took more ibuprofen and got food AND TEA. So around 12 hours later, I am functional. *sigh*
If you have any books in your home that are:
appropriate for English or Spanish speaking kids
who are the ages of 3 - 17 years old

Go to for the link to where there are more details -- basically, a pediatrician's office has office-books for kids that the kids can take home, and thus they are looking for more.

I think that'll be the quote just now.

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The Captain Marvel Movie Is Good

Apr. 12th, 2019 01:14 am
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I have seen absolutely none of the others, and it was still fun as heck. I cannot make many more comments, except to say there was a cameo from a fellow who, frankly, looked like Clark Kent. But obviously could not be, because, IIRC, Wrong Universe.

(I also love it when someone is going "oh, hey, wait, I can do this? OMG, I can do this! THIS IS AWESOME!" and is chortling around with glee.)

Havva Quote
Korath: [Referring to Earth, by its Kree code number] Ever been to C-53?
Minn-Erva: Once. It's a s***hole.

(...considering they're ultratech-society people, she's not exactly wrong.)

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Apr. 11th, 2019 06:49 pm
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Apparently it's been a while since I remembered to write a summary for the Pathfinder game. We've had... I think... three sessions since the last one?

Let's see if I can remember what happened )


A revealing of Diety: Astara (Ostara)

Apr. 11th, 2019 07:47 pm
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I've been sitting on this a bit, but I'm being pushed to reveal this now. This is knowledge revealed to me by several diety over several years, and can be considered as UPG ("Unverified Personal Gnosis") by those interested in verifying spiritual claims against prior texts and folklore.


The diety Astara (called Ostara by some) is called also Star Woman, and Ithun (Iðunn). She is a guardian of the Way of All Ways, a keeper of all paths, and of all travelers and seekers of wisdom and health. She is a master of shapes and stories, and teaches wisdom and humor through them. She is a keeper of medicines (including foods) and every life-way. She is a master of technologies, magics, and power, and can create and destroy almost anything. She is a keeper of wilderness, civilization, order, and chaos. She can speak many languages known to spirits and mortal beings, and retrieve their spirits and memories. She is considered immortal, and can return to life if killed or destroyed unless the whole realm is destroyed with her; thereafter she returns to another realm and can recreate what she has lost. She is Star. She is the spirit of humanity made manifest, the keeper of ultimate human potential.

Tools and symbology )


While some legends may be told, I am not to include them here at this time.

Camp NaNoWriMo – Autumn Lightning

Apr. 11th, 2019 01:53 pm
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As I described last week, my Camp Nano project is a continuation/hopeful finishing of the Autumn Lightning project, a story about (three-people-in-one-body) following Leo around, sometimes accidentally, throughout the years after the apocalypse.

While one of the appeals of this story was being

read on…

So sleepy

Apr. 10th, 2019 11:35 pm
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I woke up early-ish (for me, with bed at around 5am), and got an appointment for miss draggybutt to go to the vet later today, and did not get any further sleep. So I've been fatigued all day.

Friskie has had VAST INDIGNITIES performed upon her, and they were not comfortable, but at least they are probably going to have her being more comfortable (and less carpet-fouling) now. She does not see to hate us and was not even that eager to return to the cat carrier so we could depart the vet's.

The vet had a pretty calico in one of their boarding cages -- 4 level compartments with beds, and a litterbox on the lowest level, plus giant glass door for the upper part and windows to a bird-feeder area -- and the calico could see the rest of the office from her quarters and was SURE that she had been ACCIDENTALLY LOCKED IN THIS CLOSET and if only she YELLED LOUDLY ENOUGH, a thumb-monkey would find that she was TRAPPED and RELEASE HER.


The receptionist was really... looking forward... to a week of this.

In other news, attended a thing about political advocation ( recognize "advocating," spellcheck; why do you not like advocation?) and apparently newspapers prefer about 200 words for letters to the editor. Hmph.

In OTHER news, the human body is bogus, not having a voluntary/quasivoluntary sphincter like the urethra has, for the cervix. BOGUS, I TELL YOU.

Havva Quote
"Oh, God, it's the human kissing," Amanda said, half in jest, falling back in her seat next to him. "Your saliva is deadly to me! You should have warned me, husband."

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