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LJ nonfiction: 121 entries.
Other nonfiction: dozen or so items

* Birthright: 11 entries
* Sign & Sacrifice: 6 entries

Other fiction:
* Winter Dawn: 5200 words (unfinished novel)
* The Unicorn in the Backyard (finished short story)
* Word of the Indefinite Time Period shorts: 12
* Spell-Spinning (exercise meme): 1
* Writing exercises: 7

* Fanfic quasi-PBEM: Jan.
* Tkresh: Aug-Oct.
* X-Men: Jan-Sept.
* Dragon: Sept-Dec.
* Babylon 5: Sept-Dec.

Other RP:
* Mirari: 2
* Sinai: Jan-June, 10 sessions.
* World Tree: Sept-Dec, approx. 20 sessions
* Light RP: 7-8 sessions.
* IHU: few dozen posts in March
* Game of Worlds: dozen or so posts In March

Art points: 15
This is about as well as I expected to do. Maybe a little better. The 30in30 challenge by itself is going to give me a lot more art points in 2010.

I did well on this front -- did quite a lot more roleplay this year than I'd realized. Five different PBEMs, three formal MUCK settings and a few informal ones for light RP, one BBS, a couple of tabletop guest-star roles, and one world-building exercise. Um. Wow. Most of them were things I did for an evening or a few weeks, enjoyed, and moved on, but still, that's a lot.

I also played several different computer and board games this year:

* City of Heroes
* Warhammer: Age of Reckoning
* Puzzle Pirates
* Dominion
* Demigod
* Left 4 Dead
* Free Realms
* Perfect World
* Race for the Galaxy
* Settlers of Catan
* Agricola

About half of those are games I learned to play this year. Most of them, sadly, were not long-term winners for me, but I'm glad I've at least tried some new stuff. I will have to try more in 2010, because I'm somewhat bored of everything all of them now. (Except RP -- I'm not /bored/ of RP, but it often requires more creativity than I am in the mood to muster.)

Losing weight was a not-dismal-failure in 2009. I still mostly eat crap, I frequently eat things that aren't good for me even when I don't really enjoy them, and I didn't lose any appreciable weight. On the other hand, I didn't gain either. Given that I gained at least 10 pounds in 2008, staying in place is a kind of success. And my doctor doesn't think I'm overweight (even though I am by all standard measures) so it's not like it's a huge deal. Just a minor annoyance.

My target for the year was 260 sessions. I managed 231. So running a bit under 90%. I want to be more diligent in the future, but frankly, I'm not disappointed by 231. That's a lot of days that I got myself to exercise!

I actually did at least one 'visit' every month, which would be impressive if I didn't count visiting locals as a visit. As it is, the breakdown of in-person social events is:

* Seven plane trips
* Two local cons attended for one day each
* One SCA event for a day.
* Renfest for one day
* Four random social outings
* One houseguest for a couple of days

So fifteen visit-type things. I may have missed a random social event or two, but probably not. It really is pretty scary how rarely I see local people.

This is kind of a technical success. I wanted more like eight out of town trips.

Live (aka, Home Maintenance):
I got maybe ten items off of the scary scary list. There are seven items left, most of which are so brutally terrifying my mind wipes them from my memory in self-defense as soon as I stop looking at the list. It's like reading the Necronomicon.


I didn't have a mechanism for measuring this, so I don't know how I did. I like having this on the list, on the one hand, and on the other I like having measurable items. My resolutions are really goals.

Be Happy:
February through May were apparently not good, judging by my wrap-up comments for each month. January and June-December were good, though.

Anyway, this resolution didn't work and it probably needs to. Not sure what I'm going to do about it.

My overall report card:
Write*: FAIL, and I care.
Draw: Pass
Play: Pass
Eat: Fail, but I don't really care.
Exercise: Pass
Visit: Pass
Home Maintenance: Fail, and I don't really care but I still need to get this stuff done. Also, I did get some stuff done, so progress.
Love: #ERROR? Insufficient data for a meaningful answer at this time.
Be Happy: Pass

* I'll discuss why this was a fail more when I finally set my 2010 resolutions.
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Yes, I know, most everyone's done their 2009 wrap-up already. I'm not especially punctual about these things. :) This is my post to wrap-up December. I'll probably do a year-in-review-ish thing, and some sort of 2010 resolutions thing.

8 LJ entries
10 entries in Unfinished Tales (split between Sign & Sacrifice, and Birthright)
Played in:
Dragon quasi-PBEM
Bradley's Babylon 5 PBEM (which was possibly killed by $WINTERHOLIDAYS; it's been a couple of weeks since I heard from Bradley about it.)
World Tree game on FurryMUCK (which ran every week, $WINTERHOLIDAYS or no, amazingly enough.)

Uhhh. I don't think I did any drawing in December. Well, I made three party hats and doodled at the New Year's Eve party. Arguably this counts, but ... no. I didn't make anything I'd want to keep. Zero art points for December.

Did okay at playing. Starting to feel burned out on the World Tree game; I'm hoping starting a new story arc on Thursday will help with that.

Eat: still eating. Still neurotic about it. Doing better about eating foods I really like, and meh at eating healthy foods.

On a tangential note, I'm getting pretty sick of the "prepared foods are EEEEEEVIL!" meme. It's not so much that I think there's necessarily nothing to it, it's just ... remember when Science said that liver was good for you? Remember when soy beans were a health food? When being a vegetarian was better for you than eating meat? Yeah. I'm just not feeling the love for the Latest Findings of Science and the Interwebs when it comes to food any more. I'm willing to accept that fresh fruit and non-starchy vegetables are good for me, because that contention has been fairly consistent throughout my lifetime, at least. Everything else feels like a fad that might be overturned by the next seksay new food idea.

Exercise: 24 times (out of 23 expected)! Booyah! Kinda fell apart over the long weekend, but I got back on the wagon on Sunday so it's all good. I've been mainly doing wimpy workouts that amount to shimmying and other dance moves for an hour while standing in front of my netbook and playing Race for the Galaxy. This isn't as intense as jogging or using the exercise bike (where I pay attention to resistance and speed and make sure I don't wimp out), but I do it for about twice as long so it probably evens out.

Visit: I almost failed this in December, but I got a last-minute reprieve when a co-worker invited me to her New Year's Eve party. So I went out on New Year's Eve. To a social event. In person. With actual other people present. I don't remember the last time I went to a NYE party. It was fun. We made party hats with construction paper and glitter glue.

Live: I ... um ... shoveled snow? Home maintenance didn't really happen this month.

Be happy: :)
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This is the update for September, October, and November. I started it back in September, didn't have it finished when October rolled around, so I started adding October, and then didn't have it done when November hit, and ... yeah. Better late than never?


Wrote 8 LJ entries
Played in:
Bard's T'kresh Pyramid PBEM
Bradley's X-Men PBEM
Bradley's Babylon 5 PBEM
Started World Tree game on FurryMUCK
Bard and I also started exchanging emails in an impromptu 'let's play dragons!' roleplay-ish thing, where either neither of us is GMing, or we both are. Surprisingly, still going, three months later.


9 LJ entries
Wrote a bit of fiction, which I didn't post anywhere.
All the PBEMs from September were still going in October, except the X-Men game, which went on hiatus and which the B5 game replaced.
Ran six sessions of the World Tree MUCK game

10 LJ entries
I wrote about my trip to Raleigh for Halloween, but never got around to posting it.
Played in:
Bradley's Babylon 5 PBEM
Dragons PBEM
Ran four sessions of the World Tree MUCK game
1 entry in Unfinished Tales.

September: did a portrait of Kijji, one of [ profile] terrycloth's characters. Also did a full-color map of part of the Denetheia branch, which is where my World Tree campaign takes place. It is not that impressive as art or even maps go, but I was happy about it.

October: Finished a marker-picture I'd been working on, off and on, for over a year. Or at least, finally pronounced it 'done'. Oh yeah, I should post that. I tried to give it to Terrycloth as a birthday present, but it ended up in my luggage and went home with me. Oops.

November: I drew a small portraits of all the PCs in the World Tree Game, partly because I felt like it and partly to make little icons for the battlemaps I use.

Wow, I actually got art points all three months.

I've done a great job of playing the last few months! One of the main reasons I decided to do the World Tree game is that I was pretty bored of all my computer games and figured that I wouldn't mind devoting one night a week to doing roleplay instead.

The World Tree game has been surprisingly successful. I haven't missed a scheduled session yet, and in fact I scheduled an extra one to finish up a combat, and did some light RP unscheduled before the game's official launch. The game has six players, which is HUGE for a MUCK game, and the combats run slow in part because of that, which is a downside.

But the upside of the combats being slow is that, for the first time in literally years, I am running a game that I do not feel chronically under-prepared for. The sessions had been lagging consistently behind my prepared material, to the point that I could do silly non-essential things like "make little icons of all the characters to use on battlemaps that I'd upload". Alas, last week (well, 12/10; by the time I actually finish this it may not be last week any more), the PCs finally caught up to my preparations, and I'm starting to feel GMing anxiety again. Rats. We'll see how it goes. I love the players and the characters in this game, so I'm hoping to keep going with it for a while.

In addition to the MUCK and PBEM roleplaying games, I've been playing lots of boardgames, mostly over the Internet. Which technically means they're not board games, but they play exactly like the boardgames they're based on. Including:

* Race for the Galaxy at (hattip to [ profile] circuit_four for letting me know it existed, a few months back).
* Toulouse (at, or !Carcassonne
* Xplorers (also at, or !Settlers of Catan

I also discovered that I do not love the Cities and Knights expansion for Settlers of Catan. I thought I did. I remember enjoying it when I played it in person the handful of times that I had a chance to. Then I played it several times on Asobrain and ZOMG THE PAIN. Possibly the game just does not play that well online. Online doesn't imitate the back-and-forth on negotiating trades that you get in person, and the online games I've played have generally involved much less trading than in person ones.

In addition, still playing Dominion-by-phone sometimes. And I still have a City of Heroes account, though I really should cancel it because I'm down to playing maybe once every two weeks.

Eat: Still eating. While melon was in season, I was eating a lot of melon instead of junk food. Now that melon is not in season, and Thanksgiving leftovers, Christmas cookies, and Christmas chocolates are, I am eating a lot of junk food again. My weight is around 155, which is where it's been most of this year. At least I'm not losing ground again like I was last year.


September: 22 workouts (out of 22)
October: 17 workouts (out of 22)
November: 21 workouts (out of 20)

Which is pretty good! Especially since I had two separate trips in October, and the schedule disruption from that resulted in all the missed workouts for that month.


September: I actually visited my parents. For my birthday. My mother baked me a cake. It was awesome. :9

October: Two visits! I went to visit [ profile] terrycloth and [ profile] jurann (who very kindly let us stay at his apartment because evil evil bedbugs had just invaded Terry's) in mid-October, and then for Halloween I visited [ profile] sophrani and [ profile] kagetsume, along with [ profile] boingdragon who'd also come down for the occasion.

November: I didn't go out of town in November, but I did spend a day at a local convention.


I don't think I've gotten anything new off of the List of Doom in the last few months. :( On the other hand, I have been keeping up with the yardwork, and -- more importantly! -- I have not been grimly depressed or even particularly aggravated about doing it. Even ten hours of blowing, vaccuuming, and bagging leaves didn't get me down. Since one of the items on the List of Doom is "hire someone to deal with yardwork because I hate it", having me not hate yardwork any more is close enough to getting that item off the list.

Be happy:


It has been a good few months, really.
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* GM'd an RP session on Sinai for one of [ profile] brennabat's PCs.
* Wrote up several character concepts for [ profile] bard_bloom's 2009 PBEM, and fleshed out one of them for play.
* Started short story.
* Still playing X-Men PBEM, although it's been slow. The GM is planning a hiatus on that PBEM after this "issue", and we'll be starting a Babylon 5 PBEM after it.
* 14 LJ entries (assuming I post this today, anyway.)

Finished the Ferret card for the Crowdsource Tarot. I've been working on another picture, too, but I'll score it when it's done. So one art point for August.

* More Dominion-by-phone than anything else. I talked [ profile] telnar into buying the original & expansion, too, so I've done some four-player games with one to two people phoning in.
* Still burned out on MMOs. Even Puzzle Pirates is meh. Playing it some anyway, when I'm bored and don't want to do anything else. Played CoH a few times, but it's almost to the point where I might as well cancel it.
* Playing Race for the Galaxy occasionally, mostly against [ profile] terrycloth, and sometimes against random strangers when Terry's not around. This is on a very basic web implementation of the RtfG card game. Apparently, I've been crashing the server with my wonky browser problems. O_o The admin asked me to avoid doing a couple of things and the server's been more stable since then. But two of the games I've joined are bugged: they won't accept any selection for my next action. *sigh*
* Lut and I have been watching Torchwood and the new Doctor Who season one. They're okay, but I'm afraid neither of us is terribly enthused about either one. Lut got a collection of "classic films" off of Woot, and we watched "Fistful of Dollars", which was pretty cool.

* I've been eating a lot of melon lately, and less junkfood. No weight loss, though.

* 21 sessions! That was the target for August, so yay. Okay, technically it won't be 21 sessions until I jog home from work today, but I will. Don't worry.

* I almost didn't have a visit for August, but [ profile] tahkhleet surprised me by coming through town. So I got to spend a couple of days with her, which was lovely. I taught her Dominion, too. Spreading the infection!

* I tried, and failed, to get a garage door opener remote. That works. I have one that doesn't work.
* I succeeded at getting a working garbage disposal, though, which finally fixed the drainage problem with the kitchen sink.
* Also got the gutters cleaned.
So, doing better than average on the home maintenance front.

Be happy: I didn't keep track day-by-day this month, but it's been a good month. Today is kind of a blip of badness, but overall I've been pretty even and content.
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June was not a particularly good month for writing. I started a couple of fiction bits, which I wasn't sure I'd ever finish. I ran one RP session on Sinai for [ profile] brennabat's Lauryn, but the rest of the month sessions were cancelled for one reason or another. I wrote 8 posts for LJ. Other than some emails and LJ comments, that was about it.

July was somewhat better, but not a lot. I finished up the fiction bits, wrote a total of eleven LJ entries, plus some private stuff. Ran a session for Brenna on Sinai. The X-Men PBEM has slowed down markedly but hasn't officially died yet.

I actually did a fair bit of sketching in June, even though I didn't finish anything to post. Still, I'll give myself an art point for June. No art points for July.

In June, [ profile] terrycloth and I started a new game, Perfect World. It's a Chinese MMO that we played mainly for the fox tails. It has, I dunno, six different classes, each of which is specific to one gender & race. The "Untamed" is the furry race. Untamed male avatars get to pick from a handful of different animal heads: panda, tiger, wolf, maybe a few others. Untamed female avatars have human heads with animal ears & tails of fox, cat, or dog varieties, or batwings growing off their heads and spaded tails. The fox tails swish and move with the characters nicely, in exactly the way that tails in City of Heroes do not. Also, at level 9 (after 2 or maybe 3 hours of play) you get the ability to turn into an actual fox to fight. And ... that about sums up its advantages over CoH. Like every other MMO except CoH, your class and level determines what gear you can wear and how you look. All of the gear for the Untamed females is done in traditional pin-up fighting style. I know I'm supposed to be insulted and cheapened by the rampant over-sexualization of females in MMOs, but I actually think they look cute in their skanky little miniskirts and tops slit down to the navel. Yes, yes, I'm part of the problem.

Despite being no better or inferior in almost every respect to CoH, we played Perfect World now and again because it was shiny. Like Free Realms, Perfect World is a "freemium" game, though it doesn't have a subscription option. You can buy things to get you xp faster, which doesn't tempt me since I'm kinda past the rat-pushing-button-for-the-pellet stage of MMOs. There's pay options to expand your inventory and bank space, which would be tempting if I liked the game better. There may be items to make my character better at fighting, which would not remotely tempt me: in fact, the main reason I don't like CCGs is that you are paying for both more diversity of play (good) and an arms advantage over your opponents who have paid less (very, very bad). So while I enjoyed Free Realms enough to pay for a month's subscription, I can't see throwing money at Perfect World.

Also, Free Realms has a significantly different game model from all of its competitors (incorporating several genres of sub-games into one game), while Perfect World is just another MUD derivative, so I don't feel any need to encourage the latter. MUD derivatives are never, ever going away.

Terrycloth has been playing somewhat more than I and did throw some money at them, but was hard-pressed to find anything he felt like having that was in the cost range he felt like paying ($10?)

In early July, we had one especially boring session where several high level people led us by the nose through the same dungeon twice, apparently because (a) all characters only get the quest for this dungeon once every ten levels and (b) everyone who helps with the quest and is there at the end gets a half-level worth of XP. Since we were 20th and everyone else in the group was 40th+ (Perfect World has no sidekicking but does let everyone across the level range get some xp), we were forbidden from fighting anything and ordered to keep up with the group. I fell a little behind ten minutes in, got plastered by a stray monster, was told not to use the resurrection scroll the NPC had given me at the start of the quest, and had to wait outside for half an hour for them to finish for Terrycloth and then repeat the whole very boring process for me. I didn't swear off of Perfect World after this, but as Terrycloth has pointed out, I haven't played since either. I do kind of feel like "OK, this is the best the game has to offer and it's really, really lame." I think Terrycloth still plays occasionally with one of his solo characters.

Also still playing City of Heroes, Puzzle Pirates, and Free Realms. My hopes for Demigod were crushed under the inability of Lut and I to play together in the same game. The whole game lags horribly, for all the players, when two machines from the same network are in the same game.

I seem to be a little burned out on computer gaming as a whole. I still enjoy computer games to a degree, but not nearly as much as I used to. In some ways, this is a good thing, as I'm not craving a game in place of whatever else I might need to be doing at the time, like work or weedwhacking or whathaveyou. But it does take some of the fun out of my evenings and weekend, as there isn't anything else I really want to do, either.

So this last week, Terrycloth, Lut and I have taken to playing Dominion-by-phone. My one-line summary of Dominion is "Like Magic the Gathering, but without all the suck". Dominion is a non-collectible card game -- one person buys the set and everyone plays using that person's cards. Each player starts with 3 one-point Victory cards and 7 one-point Coin cards. You use the Coin cards to buy either (a) Action cards, which do various things to help you gain Coin and/or more Action cards and/or Victory cards and/or hinder the other players from the same. In classic German-game fashion, all attack cards are AoE*, so the person playing them can't really single out an opponent to hurt. You reshuffle your deck whenever you need to draw cards and all your cards are in the discard pile The game ends when either (a) all of the most expensive Victory cards have been bought or (b) any three stacks of cards have been bought out. At that point, the player with the most Victory points in their deck wins. So it's a balancing act between buying Action cards (that let you do stuff) buying money (that lets you buy stuff) and buying Victory cards (which determine the winner at the end of the game, but until then just take up space in your deck)

So, like Magic, you get to build your deck. Unlike Magic, you do not have to shell out a fortune for rare cards in order to be competitive at tournaments (and only to totally outclass your friends who did not pay a fortune for cards and now refuse to play with you.) Nor do you have to locate other people who also bought the game (well, unless you want to play it by phone.) Also unlike Magic, building your deck is part of game play. To keep card selection manageable, you only pick from a board of 10 different cards at any given time. The original set has 24 different action cards and 1 atypical victory-point card that gets randomized with the action cards for each game. The expansion, Dominion: Intrigue, adds another 25. It's not meant for play-by-phone, but if everyone on the phone has a set in front of them, it works.

Ironically, there is a website with Dominion as an online game, but it's a German website and none of us have been able to get it to load to the point of actually playing a game.

* AoE = area of effect, meaning in this case that attacks affect all other players.

I am doing better at the original intent of this resolution, ie, "either enjoy what I'm eating or eat healthy things. Preferably both." No progress on the "eat less to lose weight" notion. Er. Probably negative progress on that, actually. But at least I'm enjoying my empty calories. :9

June: 23 sessions. Woot! Actually above target for once.
July: 18 sessions. Which is below target, but I actually feel pretty good about it, since July featured five days where I was out of town and three where I had strep throat. So there were only five days in July where I was healthy and had free time and decided not to exercise anyway.

June: Went out to Lilies War on the last Friday, to see an SCA friend and wander around shopping. The highlight was floating on the lake in a replica Viking longboat at night, while the rowers sang traditional Viking war songs. Fireworks were also impressive, and I bought several jars of violet jelly because it was tasty and how often do you get to buy violet jelly? I wanted to write up this evening in detail but sadly never got around to it.
July: Visited [ profile] terrycloth & friends in Seattle, and did much gaming and cuddling. <3

No progress on the scary long list. I did, however, buy a ton of poison ivy killer, and sprayed it liberally on just about anything in my yard that grew leaves in clusters of three, up to and including some completely harmless clover patches. The result, however, has left lots of green stuff in my yard and, more importantly, very little poison ivy. Meaning that after I finish doing yardwork, I do not spend the next two weeks suffering from itchy poison ivy rashes. Woohoo! Yay for chemical death! I still go out covered from neck to toe and remove my clothing with fresh gloves immediately into the laundry machine after coming inside. And shower right after that. Of course. But now those precautions are actually sufficient! Which means that, while I still don't like doing yardwork, I no longer particularly dislike it, and my yard is marginally less of an unkempt disaster region than it was last summer.

Be happy:
In June, I put together a "happiness scale", which I showed to a few people, and meant to post publicly after they said "hey, this might be useful for people other than you", and then never did. Oops. Anyway, I used it to start tracking my mood from day to day by assigning a numerical value to how I felt. The scale is surprisingly useful to me, and tracking it gives me a much better sense of how my moods go from day to day and what affects them, so it's cool that way. My goal for the "Be Happy" resolution would falls somewhere around 7 or 7.5 on the scale. After dumping my raw data for the last two months into a spreadsheet, I find that my average for June and July is 7.52. Woohoo! Success!


Jun. 3rd, 2009 01:49 pm
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Terrycloth made a comment about one of my resolutions recently, which reminded me that I'd never posted a resolutions update for April. And hadn't done one for May yet either. So, double-month update this time.



* GM'd an RP session on Sinai for one of [ profile] brennabat's PCs.

* Played in an RP session on Sinai with [ profile] kagetsume, [ profile] minor_architect, [ profile] tuftears and [ profile] boingdragon

* Still playing in the X-Men game.

* 10 flash-fiction "word of the indefinite time period" pieces.

* 15 regular entries

* MUCKed once or twice with [ profile] terrycloth


* GM'd a couple of RP sessions on Sinai for one of [ profile] brennabat's PCs.

* Still playing in the X-Men game.

* 1 flash-fiction "word of the indefinite time period" piece.

* 3 regular entries

May was a serious drop-off month for writing. Possibly because I started playing three different new games that month. Or possibly it’s less that it was a drop-off than that April was a spike. Maybe I’ll review the whole year at the end to look for patterns.


No art points at all for April or May. I haven't felt like drawing lately. Closest I've come to drawing is buying another artist's anatomy book.


Lots of playing!

* Still playing CoH for several hours a week with [ profile] terrycloth and occasionally with Lut. We started a new set of characters in April, an all-melee team of delinquent angels. They're not actually rebellious, per se, they're just bored from waiting for the Apocalypse and decided to get some practice in by playing in the Architect Entertainment missions. They're not playing hooky! Really, it's important studying. Yeah. In May, we also participated in a few task forces run by the Repeat Offenders group, and did a Rikti mothership raid. I was disappointed by the mothership raid, which didn't have a good "climax" point. I didn't even see the endboss, and the raid continued for a random period of time after the endboss went down, until the game finally kicked us off the ship because enough time had passed for the shields to come back up.

* Puzzle Pirates: I've been doing more group activities -- sea monster hunts and pillages -- especially in April. A new ship-duty puzzle came out as an alternative to sailing: rigging. I like rigging quite a bit and have played a lot of it. Which is a little sad, because I like and am good at sailing too, so it'd be more useful to improve at a game that didn't take sailing's place. But I enjoy just doing the puzzle in Puzzle Pirates a lot, so I don't care that much.

* Left 4 Dead: This was on half-price sale for one weekend in late April, and I picked up a copy. Lut and I played several games together against the computer, but we never got to the point of me doing PvP. I’m not a fan of FPS games but this one is better than most, from my perspective.

* Free Realms: Started playing in May, I think. I've been playing it mostly instead of Puzzle Pirates, owing to group play sucking. But I like the mining/harvesting games, and the three-dimensional world and quests add a certain undefinable something to the experience. Sometimes something annoying, mind, like the endless walk-up-and-down-the-switchbacks for the CCG quest chain at one point. But still ... something. Played some card games in it with Terry, but I've basically decided against investing any money in the card game, and even all the free cards together don't really give enough variety to make it a game I'd play week after week. Still don't know how lone I'll stick with Free Realms.

* Demigod: I started playing this game after Lut had been playing it for a month, on the theory that we could play it together. Which we've done twice so far, if you count both games we tried to play against the computer with [ profile] terrycloth, where the idle tiemout kicked Terry both times and we quit out. I've actually played it more with Terry, who picked it up at the same time I did. Terry and I haven't had the timeout problem when it's the two of us against the computer or against other players. We've done a total of two PvP games: in the first one we trashed the other team, and in the second one the other team (different players) trashed us. I'm doing single-player games against the computer in an effort to improve at the game, but at some point I'll have to go against human players again. Or quit playing. I don't think the computer is going to offer enough challenge, or enough useful challenge, in the long term. Lut hasn't been playing it lately; he's been playing Battleforge instead, a freemium RTS/cardgame hybrid that, to my eye, looks like it has all the weaknesses of both. O_o Lut likes it, though.

* The RP items under writing also count as play.


* Um. I've been eating? I stopped tracking calories because it was too tedious, and I haven't been particularly eating less, or eating healthier, or even eating only things I like. o.o;; Yeah, not scoring well here by any criteria.


April: 19 sessions

May: 18 sessions

So the average has been closer to 4 sessions a week than 5. I've noticed that "normal" weeks, where I don't have any special activities planned during the weekend or on the weeknights, tend to get me 5, but when if I plan to go anywhere, that torpedos my exercise schedule. A four day weekend away from home can result in the weeks bracketing it having only 3 sessions each.

I think I'm just okay with that. Trips are a bit stressful to me, but I'm not going to stop doing them or add to the stress by insisting on exercising while I'm away, or on nights that I have to pack, or whatnot.

Also, on the up side, most sessions have been 30+ minutes instead of the minimum 20. 4x30 equals more than 5 x 20, so it's not all bad news.


* In April, I flew to Seattle to visit [ profile] terrycloth. Did a fair bit of gaming, too. Even won a game of Agricola! And lost a whole bunch of games of Race for the Galaxy to Terry. >:) Which I didn't mind at all. I wish I knew why it is that losing a PvP game of Demigod annoyed me, but losing PvP in the Free Realms CCG or at Race for the Galaxy didn't.

* In May, I went to ConQuest, a local sf con. I also visited with a couple of friends from NY who were in the area for a trip unrelated to me or the con. RoomCon was a blast as always, and I spent a couple of hours hanging out with [ profile] skyflame.


* I got a new garage door! Now if I can get a working remote for the garage door opener, I can even scratch an item off my to-do list of things around the house.

* I’ve been doing a lot more yardwork, and hating it rather less, for the last month. Partly this is by dint of counting yardwork as exercise (it’s generally less physically demanding than jogging, but I usually do it for longer, too, and it’s usually more effort than just walking). Mostly it’s because, at Lut’s instigation, I bought a new weedwhacker.

Rowyn: “Do you have any weedwhackers that are battery powered?”

Lowe’s employee: “I don’t think so … oh, this one is. It’s the most expensive model we have and costs three times what the cheapest does.”

Rowyn: “I’ll take it!”

This was a good decision. The thing I hate most about power tools is fussing with either gasoline engines (which make them heavier as well as messier and more annoying in general) or power cords, which inevitably tangle. The battery-powered weedwhacker is a pleasure to use by comparison. The only thing I don’t like about it is that the “on” trigger has to be held down and is mindbogglingly stiff. Even with a teeny bungee cord wrapped around it to keep it most of the way depressed, three days later my hand is still sore whenever I grip anything, because it took so much pressure to keep the trigger depressed.

Lut also bought me a lopper, a clever thing like hedge trimmers except with enormous handles and a small blade. It’s great for cutting off branches and lopping down junk trees, so I’ve been lopping down various little trees that have sprung up too close to the house in the last few years.

I still kinda hate yardwork, though, because I still end up covered in itchy rash spots, no matter how much bug repellent I use, or clothing I wear, or how I take it off, or how quickly I take a shower afterwards. Oy. Hope springs eternal. Maybe I can buy weedkiller that works on poison ivy/oak/sumac. I did tear out some of the poison ivy, but there’s more around and I’m not that good at identifying it. Or pulling out weeds in general.

Anyway, I actually don’t feel horrible about home maintenance lately, even though there’s still a huge scary long list of things-I-haven’t-done waiting for me to get to them.

*checks list*

Well, there’re only 10 items on the huge scary long list now, some of which aren’t that scary. Maybe they’ll get done some day. I should add some other things to the huge scary long list, though.



Be happy:

rowyn: (determined)
The good news: I did a lot more in March than my fake update listed. The bad news: I'm not nearly as happy about it. Life is like that, alas. Though doing the fake post did provide some perspective. However little I thought I was doing, I could've done a lot less.

* 7 entries to my LJ in March, mostly short ones.
* Five of them were writing exercises.
* One RP session with Brenna, and one in Mirari.
* Still in the X-Men PBEM.
* Joined [ profile] moonwolf's Ichabod Hate university / Heaven Sent University RP forum, themed as "rival colleges for supervillains and superheroes, respectively", which has been fun. It reminds me of unscheduled MUCK roleplay in slow-motion, and has several features I like, such as: 1) I can poke my nose into scenes when I want to 2) Conversely, it doesn't hinder anyone if I don't show up so I can wander off without feeling guilty 3) I can make multiple characters so if my current one doesn't fit a scene I can make another one (I've only made one so far, but I'm sure I'll make more eventually) 4) it's slow enough that I don't get lost trying to keep up.
* Joined [ profile] bard_bloom's Game of Worlds, which is a Google Group for shared world-building. Also a low-stress creative thingie.
* The last couple of weeks, I've tried to set aside 8AM-8:30AM during the week as "fiction writing time", with moderate success. This morning I used it to start this entry instead, and a few mornings I've either used it to write on one of the above-mentioned forums, or skipped it to play Puzzle Pirates. But since starting the habit, I've written (checks), um, 5200 words on one story. Which is more than I thought I'd done. A largish chunk of that was written the weekend before last, however, when I wasn't doing any roleplay, so it's not all due to the dedicated time. And it's a new story, which always goes faster. I haven't posted any of the new story anywhere. I don't feel very good about my writing these days. I should probably do more writing exercises.

The majority of the participants on the supervillian forum are artists, and there's a bunch of character sketches posted. I doodled up a picture of my character in Artrage 2, which remains a surprisingly nice way to do sketches. I'm not too crazy about doing color work in it. Oddly this, is because it feels too digital when compared with Corel's PhotoPaint. PhotoPaint really does have a wonderful selection of brush types, and I like the way its tools feel. So far, Artrage's brushes don't feel as much like real media, even though that's Artrage's main focus.
I've played around a little more in Artrage with other sketches, too.

Apart from that, I finished three plates and two tiles at All Fired Up while I was visiting John. And drew a new picture. So, I don't know, let's say six art points for March.
Once again, another stellar month for goofing off. Lots of boardgaming in Florida, and lots of Puzzle Pirates and City of Heroes at home.
More of this than really necessary, especially during the Florida trip. I've been sloppier about tracking it, too.

This was a bad month for exercise, due to the trip to Florida. Exercise is always the first thing to go when there's a disruption to my routine. Even so, managed 14 times out of the month, which is about 2/3rds of my goal. Missed 8 sessions, 6 of which were due to the trip. So feeling okay about that.

Spent a week in Florida, which was wonderful. This was ostensibly for a week-long work conference, which took up:

3 hours Monday
3 hours Tuesday
8 hours Wednesday
8 hours Thursday
5 hours Friday

I headed down the Friday before the conference and came back the Sunday afterwards. The whole thing felt a lot like a most-expenses-paid vacation. I was going to post the highlights from the vacation perspective here, but I'm gonna move them to their own post instead because otherwise it's be the whole post.


I did some yardwork. Still useless.

Be happy:
Not doing great on this count, either, but I've been more happy than not this month, and the overall trend seems positive. I really should get in the habit of paying attention to this daily, as it's hard to gauge in retrospect.
rowyn: (studious)
* 12 entries to my LJ this month, mostly short ones. Not including this one.
* Two of them were writing exercises, which probably should count separately.
* Three RP sessions with Brenna.
* Still in the X-Men PBEM, though that really doesn't require much writing. It's very different in gameplay and feel from the other PBEMs I've been in.
* I've generally been better about supporting other people's fiction efforts ([ profile] sythyry, [ profile] terrycloth and [ profile] level_head come to mind for this month) than writing my own. I'm not very happy with my own writing lately, so commenting on someone else's is arguably a better use of my time anyhow.

On February 1, [ profile] koogrr and I went All Fired Up and I painted one and a half plates. I also did a bunch of icons for people for Valentine's Day. I'll count that as two art points for February.

* I let my WAR account expire in January, because I'd gotten kind of tired of it, Lut wasn't playing any more, and while [ profile] terrycloth would still play it, on any given day he'd rather play City of Heroes/Villains.
* Lut renewed his CoH account and the three of us have been playing it together for several hours a week. This month, we even completed three task forces, which we rarely do because they take a chunk of time (not a big deal) and four to eight people (eeeee! Organizing!) We tried a fourth, but abandoned it after deciding we just didn't have the right mix to complete the last mission. Which was really long. It wouldn't've been so bad if the end boss hadn't been horribly buggy in addition to ridiculously dangerous.
* Been playing even more Puzzle Pirates. This is a horribly antisocial game, barely better than a solo game, really. But I adore the puzzles. I've been pillaging more, which is very slightly less antisocial than my usual crafting puzzles. I've also tried some of the "new" content (ie, put in since 2006, which was the last time I paid attention)

Um ... I'm eating. And tracking what I eat. Oh, wait, I can put it into a useable format for number crunching. *does that*
Okay, apparently I'm averaging 1681 calories a day. Which is theoretically enough that I'll lose weight eventually. I haven't noticably done so yet. I should probably try harder. Also, I'm not paying attention during the weekends, so the average is probably skewed downwards. Anyway, at least I'm not gaining weight now.

I'm averaging five days a week and a little over 20 minutes a day. I'd really like to edge that average up to 30 minutes a day again. It's pretty rare that I do over 20 minutes in a session. Still, 20 minutes x 5 days/week was my goal, so yay.

Um. I went to a bar after work with some coworkers for drinks this week. Yeah, I don't get out much.

I think the most productive thing I did around the house in February was change the lightbulb in the exercise room. Which, granted, did require finding a screwdriver and took me several months to get around to doing, so it sort of counts. Oh, and I hacked back some of the junk trees and bushes in the yard. So not quite completely useless. Just mostly useless.

Be happy:
Not doing so hot on this count, either.
rowyn: (determined)
* GM'd three RP sessions on Sinai for one of [ profile] brennabat's PCs.
* written some light fanfic/RP via PBEM with [ profile] bard_bloom
* Joined a very slow-paced PBEM run by a friend from my high school days, Bradley. It's an X-Men game where I'm playing Marvel Girl. "Slow-paced" and "PBEM" were the key selling points for me. I'm pretty burned-out on group RP, but this was billed as a "check your mail once per day" game, and it largely has been. Bradley and I played tabletop RP together for seven or eight years while we were in high school and college, but this is the first time I've ever done online gaming with him. It's very interesting to see the choices he makes as a GM, since he's uninfluenced by any of the other online GMs I know and has a very different style. The game started on 1/10 and we're still working on the story covered by the first issue, so it'll be a while before we get very far into it.
* I've been making some effort to resume work on Birthright, the sequel to Silver Scales, which resulted in six entries in January. I haven't picked up any steam on it so far.
* Also, posted 22 entries to my LJ. Most of which were very short snippets of my life that amused me.
* Light RP with [ profile] terrycloth. Mostly in CoH, where it doesn't really count >:) but also once on Furry. (Furry counts and CoH doesn't because I don't log CoH. Also, CoH is more annoying to write in so even when I do RP there it's not for as long or as in-depth.)

* I did a sketch for [ profile] koogrr on his birthday, and used markers to color it and a second sketch I did during Greywolf's game on Saturday, which was still, technically, January. So two art-points for January. I've also got an art point for February already, from going to All Fired Up. Maybe one and a half art points, counting the half-finished plate I started Sunday.

Lots of playing!
* CoH or WAR an average of ten or so hours a week with [ profile] terrycloth
* Puzzle Pirates many times a week, usually just distilling by myself. But I went on a handful of pillages/Cursed Isle runs/ monster hunting with PP friends or random strangers I'd hooked up with.
* Several items under writing also count as play -- all the RP with Brenna, Bard and Terry.
* Tabletop RP with [ profile] jordangreywolf, [ profile] koogrr, [ profile] gwendelkitty, Ross, and JZ!
* Watched a whole bunch of Heroes episodes with Lut. 15 or so? I loved the first season, but the subsequent ones have been meh. The first season felt reasonably well-plotted and planned out. Seasons two and three feel like the writers are making it up as they go along, and that annoys me. The "all our villains turn into heroes and all the heroes turn into villains" trope isn't working very well for me either. We're still going through season 3, because it's still quite watchable even if I'm not as impressed any more.

* My original intent for this resolution was "I will not eat unhealthy food that I don't enjoy". I felt like I was eating more junkfood than ever because I was bored, and -- worst of all -- I didn't even like it that much. If I'm going to eat crap, it should be crap I love. So: "I will eat healthy foods, or food that make me happy."
* And that's a fine resolution as far as it goes. However, in early January we had the annual "wellness clinic" visit. I was up 15 pounds from last year, and at 160 I was at my highest weight ever. Bleah.
* So my intent of a few years back, to make peace with my eating habits if I just exercised regularly, has been tossed out. I'm not making a radical change to my diet yet, but I have started tracking what I eat. I bought an applet for my Sidekick on the 16th to track eating and exercise. I didn't record my eating while I was in Florida, but otherwise I've been good about keeping track. As usual, tracking calories makes me a little less likely to eat. My low intake has been around 1250, and my high is 2274. 2000 is supposedly my "maintenance" allotment, and I think I'm averaging a couple hundred below that, so hopefully I'll lose some weight. It's be nice to have more of my clothing fit again.

I back-logged exercise starting on the 12th. I'm not sure how many times I worked out in January before that; I'd guess four or five. After the 12th, 10 times. So, say 14 for the month, averaging 25 minutes per session. That's, um, 350 dead aliens by [ profile] haikujaguar reckoning. Which isn't nearly enough to keep the Earth safe from a zerg rush, but I hope to do better in February. And hey, I've been on my exercise bike 39 minutes (and counting) while writing this entry.

* Drove out to [ profile] verminiusrex's birthday party!
* Flew to Florida on January 30th. Whee, Orlando!
I don't have any trips planned for February. Technically, the Florida trip counts for February too, since I came back on the 1st, but that doesn't feel right. Maybe I'll see someone local for a change. I don't quite see locals less often than people two thousand miles away, but it's real close.

* This resolution was specifically for maintenance-type stuff. Especially irregular home maintenance. I'm bad at housekeeping in general, and worse at yardwork. But I'm incompetent at dealing with home repair, especially home repair that requires employing an expert. This incompetence is roughly 1 part laziness, 1 part miserliness, and 10 parts a kind of pathological paralysis. I've got a list of Things to Deal With, and my goal is to get one of them per week off my list. Which isn't generally faster than they get added to the list, so in theory this will eventually get them all off.
* Toilet fixed (it was running, plumber corrected)
* Backup sump pump fixed (finally! This is a huge relief.)
* Hot water faucet for laundry machine replaced
* Ordered &received replacement filters for air purifier. Have not yet installed, though.
* Plumber tried to clear the slow-drain problem in the kitchen with a professional-strength drain cleaner, but this is still an issue. I'm hesitant to have the pipes snaked, because they could potentially break, being old and steel. Not sure what to do about this now.
* Took Ash to the vet three times. This wasn't on the list, but it took up the kind of the same brainspace required, so it sort of counts.


Be happy: I did fantastic on this the first week, wandering around in a dazed, joyful stupor for most of early January. The rest of January had some down spots -- there's only so happy I'm really going to get when I think my favorite cat is dying, for instance -- but overall my mood for January was pretty good.

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