May. 16th, 2017

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After a few moments of dithering, Smoke asked the clerk, "Have you any good references on substitutions, or titanium-gold wire? I've heard good things about it, but I've not worked with it personally."

At the question, the kith clerk's blue eyes lit. "Oh, yes! We have a new monograph on metal wires, by Clover of Darkwrit City -- have you heard of him? He's very good, you'll love it." She led them to the shelves, sable-pointed tail flirting behind her. "We have three different alloys, but you'll want the 7:2, Clover says it's the best for information magic." It was also the cheapest, giving Smoke more confidence in the recommendation. "Are you an enchanter?" they asked the clerk.

"I want to be! I haven't found a master taking apprentices, and the colleges of magic are all too expensive for me." She sighed, wistful, then flashed a smile. "That's why I like working here! When it's slow, I can read through all the books."

Smoke felt a moment of regret that they didn't need a new apprentice. They purchased the book and the other supplies, and remembered they were having dinner with Master Corydalis tonight and they hardly knew any restaurant in town. "Do you have any recommendations for places to eat?" they asked the clerk.

Her ears perked. "Sure! Do you want fancy or homey or what? Do you like spicy?"

"Who doesn't like spicy?" Smoke asked, honestly bewildered. "Uhh ... one of each?"

The clerk grinned. "A kith after my own heart! My favorite fancy restaurant is Sunflare, which is all fondue and will make the broth and sauces as spicy as you like. For more casual, there's Curry This, which has like a million different curries and they're all great."

"Thank you!"

On the return ride to Courthall, Smoke skimmed through the book. It made for fascinating reading; Smoke didn't want to put it down to work on the gatherers. But after making sure they had a solid understanding of how to use their new reagent, they started putting up gatherers around Courthall.

They added five new ones, total, each on top of one of the tall buildings surrounding the complex's park. By the time they finished the last, it was near dinner time. Smoke returned to their hotel room to change.

Poll #18377 Dressing for Dinner
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What gender does Smoke want to present tonight?

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Femme (she)
2 (13.3%)

Tomgirl (they)
8 (53.3%)

Equally male & female (they)
5 (33.3%)

Feminine male (he)
0 (0.0%)

Where should they eat?

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The Big Cheese (which Licorice recommended).
0 (0.0%)

The Quarry (they went their last night).
0 (0.0%)

Curry This
10 (66.7%)

3 (20.0%)

Ask Corydalis to pick somewhere
2 (13.3%)

How shall they dress?

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Fancy (which Licorice recommended).
9 (60.0%)

Sexy (they went their last night).
1 (6.7%)

6 (40.0%)

3 (20.0%)

(The last question will be graduated, so a bit of everything based on how many votes each gets. And I was rushed trying to get this poll to work, so I duplicated some stuff from the previous question by accident. Oops. Just ignore the stuff in parenthesis in the last question.).

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