Apr. 20th, 2017

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Smoke canted back their ears at Licorice's reaction, making their enby earrings chime with the gesture. "I'm sorry. I was just making conversation; I didn't intend to hit a sore spot. Is there something else you'd like to discuss?"

The human put her hands behind her back, rubbing one hand up and down the other arm. She gave a nervous chuckle. "Sorry, I kinda overreacted there. I mean. Any issues we've had with the existing wards aren't your fault. So ... um, you said Blackwood flew you in? Where are you from?"

"Crescent Bay." Smoke peered with enchantsight at the wards that wrapped about the House of Chamber's foundation. The braid of it encircled the door and the first-floor windows as well.

"Oh wow. You came from there today and you're still willing to work now? You must be made of steel."

Smoke laughed. "I'm not, but Blackwood is. He flew there and back today! He's fast, though. Maybe three and a half hours?"  They studied the braided ward, walking slowly along the perimeter with Licorice pacing them. To their surprise, the ward looked as solid as the gatherer had reported it was. They knelt to touch it, parsing out the strands of its components.

"Ouch. Now I see why you wanted to give him a break." She watched them work, head tilted curiously. "So what is enchanter's sight like, anyway?"

"Like translucent rainbows that you can feel, overlaying the ordinary world."  Smoke picked out the exact threads for repelling ants, fleas, and rats, and all three looked solid. They were aggressive wards, designed to kill vermin -- not to repel, sterilize or redirect.

"It sounds beautiful."

"It is, actually. One of the best parts of being an enchanter." Smoke darted a smile to Licorice as they followed the ward around the foundation to see if the threads weakened anywhere. "What do you like about your job?"

"Um, well, you meet some pretty interesting people," Licorice said. "So, can you tell what's wrong with the wards?"

"Not yet. I'm wondering if they missed an entrance.  Are there any tunnels that lead inside?"

"Yeah, a few from the cellars to other buildings. I'll show you." Licorice led them back inside. "So, how are wards supposed to stop vermin, when they work? Is it like an invisible wall to insects or what?"

"It depends on the enchanter. These ones are supposed to kill any of the creatures they forbid."

"... is that safe?" Licorice laughed. "I mean, for the creatures they aren't forbidding?"

"Generally," Smoke said. "It can catch insects that aren't specifically targetted but look kind of right. Like a ward against wasps might kill bees too. But it won't kill a human. Not even one wearing black and yellow stripes."

Licorice giggled. "Is that how you do your wards, too? By killing ... pests?"

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Yes. No one wants fleas or rats and killing them is the only way to be sure.
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No. Deterence is better for the overall ecology: wards should just keep pests out of the compound, not eliminate them from the environment.
1 (8.3%)

Depends. Unwanted insects like termites and fleas and ants are killed. Small mammals like rats and mice are repelled.
5 (41.7%)

No, Smoke's wards do a combination of deterence and sterilization, to reduce the population at large more humanely.
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