Apr. 17th, 2017

rowyn: (Smoke)
Smoke glanced from Licorice to Blackwood. "So you two have met before?"

Blackwood shook his head. "No, I don't believe so."

"Yeah, I only started a few months ago. Courthall is huge.." Licorice gave them an engaging smile. "You would not believe how many hundreds of peons it takes to keep a bunch of high-ranking muckity-mucks from burning the whole place down. Wards or no wards."

Smoke half-smiled in answer. "I guess high-ranking muckity-mucks don't change no matter where you are."

"No, honored, they sure don't. Anyway, if that's all, I should get back to work ... " Licorice stooped towards the handle on the hatch.

"Mmm." Smoke tapped their foot lightly against the side of the hatch. It was ringed in dark grey rubber that showed signs of use but didn't look worn out. "So what was wrong with the hatch?"


"You said it was leaking?"

"Oh! Right. Nothing was wrong with it. A bit of debris got caught in it. In the hinge back here." She pointed. "Kept it from closing snugly. Just had to clear it out, good as new again." There was no clear indication of recent work, like the hinge being recently oiled or cleaned, but for the problem Licorice described, there probably wouldn't be.

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Let Licorice get back to work
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Ask to see the work order
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"Before you go, would you let me know what maintenance has been doing to counter the rat problem?"
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"Wait, I could use someone who knows all the maintenance access points and I've been making poor Blackwood run me around everywhere. Perhaps you could show me all the back ways?"
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