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Two takes on sauergeek's prompt, and continuing to work out the kinks in cross-posting


None of the plants in Addergoole’s grotto were, technically, toxic.  That is, they might cause you to have convulsions, visions, insomnia, narcolepsy, or possibly just a warm and fuzzy feeling, but they would not kill you — or, at least, they wouldn’t kill an ordinary human or Ellehemaei child.  Some of the Changes, normal air would kill them, and Valentina could not speak for her plant life in those cases.

She enjoyed encouraging experimentation and enjoyed more watching the results of the experimentation.  After all, every plant in the grotto was the result of“hey, what happens if…?” — Hers and Laurel Valerian’s, mostly, although students other staff had put in their ideas from time to time.  Isabella Even-hand in the kitchen had the most brilliant ideas.  Most of her plants lived up in the orchard or the sunlight gardens, but there were a couple, including the Angry Peach, that deserved their place in the grotto — and made the most aggressive desserts.

“Hey.”  One spikey-haired first-year student flopped down on the soft moss next to another first-year, lanky and dark-clad and serious-looking.  “Have you tried chewing on the purple leaves?  They make sort of a tingling feeling, and then you just don’t feel anything at all for a while.”

Emotional numbness, Valentina wrote, in her unseen perch up in a prickly-pear tree. She’d been growing the purple-leafed plant for its bark and the bast fibers in its stem.

“Don’t feel anything at all?  Sounds better than those yellow berries.  Give it here.”

Long-term effects?  She’d have to keep an eye on these two.


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A Monday

Aug. 21st, 2017 11:45 pm
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Spurred by a hopeful comment on Goodreads, I was thinking of stuff on Copper Leaf Bargains when I went to sleep last night, and then this morning, I spent an hour and a half, or thereabouts, writing, and got 1,300 words on one thing (including a [insert Shadow Guild organizational information here] marker, oh dear), and then went back to the chapter before that, which still needs finishing, and worked on that some. So I estimate at least 1,500 words, woo!

Now my head is all fragile and my characters don't know which of them are supposed to be in boxes and which of them are supposed to be out and talking to me. -_-

Kid and I were going to go for dinner but really, there was no where we wanted to go, and we were both crabby as heck (I wanted to eat leftovers, but ze spouse had gone on an hour's drive to an Apple Store to get the powerbrick for my computer replaced, 'cause it died, and if he didn't get it that way, we'd have to be sharing a power-brick for several days till the more local place got one in. Blah. ...where was I? Oh, right, so he'd driven 2 hours on top of MedicalTaxi for his Uncle, so I didn't even ask about him going anywhere), and so we went shopping instead, because it was deserted enough not to drive the kid screaming away.

So then we came home and I ate a combination of leftovers and the veggie dumplings that called to me at the store.

Despite ice tea at breakfast and a glass of home-made ice tea here, I have a headache. I must take ibuprofen soon.

Havva Quote
-----------------------Quoted by M••------------------------
Rhelle: No! Don't fall for the Sith's manipulations!
Alecto: Oh, my sweet love, you're quite mistaken. She's not the Sith. I AM.
----------------------Quoted by E____-----------------------
Alecto: "I AM."
Rhelle: "NOOOOoooactually, that makes a lot of sense."
I__ snrk.
arcangel | Rhelle:, wait, that's okay then.
-----------------------Quoted by M••------------------------
M•• ducks
--We are very silly on the MUSH

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Aug. 21st, 2017 08:51 pm
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Written to [personal profile] clare_dragonfly's prompt.

Caroline’s adviser liked to leave her notes.

She almost never saw Dr. Comey. There was the big lecture on Mondays and the team meeting on Wednesdays, of course, and then sometimes there was the all-department meetings, which Dr. Comey sometimes deigned to attend, but the Dr. - who was so old the legend said that when they’d rebuilt the faculty wing of Ivy Hall, they’d just picked up Dr. Comey’s office and built the new building around it - preferred to work in late nights and early mornings, and Caroline’s schedule was such that she worked in the lab generally late mornings and late afternoons.

But Dr. Comey would leave her notes: combine experiment A with experiment B. Note results. Ask Sally to enter request for life test subjects again.

All Dr. Comey’s administrative help were “Sally.” The current one - Crystal - confided that they took it like a title, “Current Sally for Dr. Comey,” and took no offense from it.
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Eclipsed work

Aug. 21st, 2017 07:12 pm
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(Which is probably at least the three hundredth eclipse pun headline you’ve seen today, I know.)

I have to confess that I haven’t been writing much. The last week was focused on getting Siren Circle up for sale. Today, while waiting in line for eclipse viewing glasses, I started outlining another novella — this one to be a prequel novella, before Ghost Garages, and thus hopefully a good hook for people to start the series. I will get back to work on the third Boston Technowitch book, though.

So pictures today:
eclipse without filter

eclipse through filters

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Chapter 39: Abednego
by Lyn Thorne-Alder

Thursday, January 4, 2001

Abednego couldn’t help but notice the fuss on the other side of the dining hall.

He was pretty sure they noticed it in the next state (even if he was a little confused what state that might be, here underground).  Arna  - what had Arnbjörg been up to?  She’d stomped right up to that table with the six-armed girl and her friends, just like she stomped up everywhere.  Abednego had tried not to cringe, but he hadn’t bothered not watching.  She was glowering at the six-armed girl and the collared boy next to him.

“What does she think she’s up to?”  Eris sounded fascinated.  It was the first time Eris had sounded interested in anything since Zita left.  (Left.  Was taken.  Was “rescued”.  Was gone).  Abednego wasn’t sure that boded well for whatever she was interested in. 

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Patreon Posts!

Aug. 21st, 2017 03:01 pm
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If I had been made to make a list, back in the times Before, of people I would most like to be stranded on a desert island with, he would not have been on the list…

Open to all Patreon Patrons!

Originally posted January 2013


“There’s a problem with the second restriction.”

The country of Foros had a lot of gods, and, like any good nation with a lot of gods, it had a lot of priests.

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This is another recipe that is more than half technique, modified from an online recipe.


Sometimes you want a few pancakes, sometimes you want a lot. Sometimes you want a Just Right Amount, right in the middle.

Open to all “Recipe box” Patreons!

Desmond’s Climb - Professor Smiff

Aug. 21st, 2017 01:19 pm
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This is written to a donation and request from [profile] [personal profile] thnidu for Desmond from Professor Smiff's eyes

Telanien Smiff walked around her classroom slowly, looking at all of the newest Blue students. She liked Blue the best, something all of her fellow teachers assumed and nobody would ever ask her about.

This year, Blue had the Last Person Up The Stairs, an honor that they were very quiet about – except in the upperclassmen dorms, where she was certain the Blues were crowing about it. And the student in question was not, to Telanien’s eyes, all that impressive – just another teenage child from one of the poor streets, well-fit into a uniform, presumably by a collar that cared about impressions, that was good, but still out of place here. If this Desmond knew how many of his fellow students were High Street, he’d probably be even more uncomfortable around them. Or around the teachers.

Your focus is lacking, Telanien’s collar scolded. It liked to scold, but Telanien never took any offense. After all, they were a team, and sometimes a little push was helpful.

Speaking of pushes, Desmond was holding up his shield and very carefully not pushing. Was he worried about hurting Talia? The student in question did not look too young or too delicate, but you never knew.

“Desmond. Why aren’t you pushing?”

“Because I pushed already. Now it’s her turn to figure out how to push.”

Telanien poked at the reasoning a little, to see if it had holes, to see if Desmond was really interested in being ‘fair’ or just fond of Talia. She left them, content that that pair, at least, had understood that teamwork was a vital part of being a Collared Person.

There were always going to be new students, there were always going to be new collars – even a collar eventually reached the end of its life, after all, and certain threats the Collared People got into could actually do more harm to the collar than to the wearer, were they not irrevocably linked – but Telanien watched them all, every year, for the sparks that would make truly notable collared people – or truly dangerous magi.

Sometimes, she feared, they were one and the same.

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After a bit of a sanity break...

(Hmm? No, I didn't find any.)

...we're back with the postgame of Pokemon Omega Ruby. The Delta Episode is a new add-on to the plot for the Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby games, none of this stuff was in vanilla-flavored Sapphire/Ruby. As such, I'm going into this completely blind.
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With THAT little comedy interlude out of the way, it's time for a break. What revelations will await us at the Space Center?

Heck if I know. We'll find out next time!

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