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"I thought I told you to call me Smoke," the enchanter told Blackwood with mock sterness. Smoke stepped in to slip their arms around the dragon's neck and hug him. Heartened, Blackwood returned the hug by tucking his chin against their back, then they took their leave.

As he carried Licorice to her building, they chatted idly for a minute or two. In a lull, Blackwood asked hesitantly, "Am I beling paranoid, or did I make a terrible mistake in asking them how they became an enchanter?"

"Terrible mistake," Licorice confirmed, bluntly. Blackwood winced, and the human leaned down in the harness to pat his shoulder consolingly. "It'll be all right. I think they forgave you."


They were very nice people, Smoke thought, waving as Licorice and Blackwood flew off. But I'm not getting into that whole sordid story with people I've only just met. Still, I could've handled that more gracefully.

With a sigh, they checked into their room at the hotel and prepared for bed.

The next morning, they rose early, with plenty of time to consider their approach.

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Work to do!

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Go to the Courthall commissary for breakfast and poke around investigating wards before meeting with Corydalis
8 (53.3%)

Find an enchanter supply store in Hallston and try to get supplies to tackle ant problem
2 (13.3%)

Write apprentices to make sure they bring the right supplies when they arrive in next few days, then meet Master Corydalis at Courthall
5 (33.3%)

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